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Good Day Romance Junkies!

Well Howdy there and how are ya?! Before I start, I wanted to give a huge thank you to Romance Junkies for the opportunity to be here! So lets get this bloggin’ started!  I’m Mila Ramos and welcome! Just to give everyone a little background about myself, I’m a Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author.  My...

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Gadgets Galore

Okay I have a confession. I love gadgets. (grin) Get me near an appliance section or in a computer section of a store and my eyes glaze over and I want to but everything. LOL. I was looking around my office the other day doing some organization in my files and desktop computer when I...

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Do You Believe In Fairies?

Hi, Helen Scott Taylor here. I’m excited to share that today is the release date of my debut Paranormal Romance, The Magic Knot. This book won American Title IV back in April 2008, and all these months later, it has finally arrived in bookstores. To celebrate, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on...

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Time to Say Goodbye

Authors write great prose we remember long after the book has been set on a shelf. Songwriters express the trauma with meaningful lyrics we hum for months, even years. Saying goodbye is a constant in our lives. Sometimes the end is coupled with sadness and pain. Other times it’s a euphoric feeling because the stress...

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Librarian By Day, Naughty By Night!

If you’re familiar with my books, then you know that I like to add some sexy spanking to all of my stories. I first read about spanking in Johanna Lindsey’s books and thought it was cute and sexy. Not to mention, really, really hot! In fact, it was her writing that inspired me to become an author myself....

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