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Finally Finished

About a week ago I finally finished a book that I was working on. The reason I say finally finished is it usually doesn’t take me that long to finish a book. Now I am not talking about the editing before submission. I mean the first draft of the book. This one took a little...

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Favorite Authors & the Author in Me

As a published author myself, I’ve been asked on many occasions who my favorite author is…who has inspired me most. Time and time again, I have responded—Jane Austen. It seems like an easy response, almost cliché. I mean how many times have you heard this same exact response from several authors?? But let me reiterate—I...

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The Big Secret of Getting Published

(Charlotte Hughes is the best selling author of  over 40 novels, although she is best known for her FULL series which she coauthored with friend Janet Evanovich. Her newest release NUTCASE involves Atlanta psychologist Kate Holly, who learns that the life of a psychologist is enough to drive you nuts. It launches today, Feb 24th....

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Happily-ever-after coming your way!

Greetings Everyone! First, I have to thank the gals at Romance Junkies for allowing me to tell you about my new novel. It is such a thrill to be entering the marvelous – and sometimes scary – world of publishing. As a debut author it is especially comforting to be given the opportunity to share...

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Italy has long been a popular romantic destination for travelers. Whether it’s Firenze or Roma, no matter where you go in Italy you’ll find reminders of a past that so many writers have considered the foundation of true romance. An Italian man takes amore seriously. He’ll shower you with words of love, and in the bedroom he is a superb...

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