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Hanging with Fam

It’s been and interesting summer. I’ve been hanging with the fam. My sister and nephew are here for their yearly visit. Just chilling and reconnecting. I love when they come for their visit. My sis and I laugh and have lots of fun. My nephew looks at us like we are nuts but he also...

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SCHOOLED is in Session!

School is about to begin…  Hola! I’m RaeLynn Blue. I write erotic interracial romance. I write in  a variety of subgenres, including science fiction, fantasy and paranormal/urban fantasy. SCHOOLED is a contemporary romance and I’ve enjoyed writing about ordinary people falling in love. Like my previous titles, Something Deeper and Thelma’s Eatery, SCHOOLED deals with working, middle class people. SCHOOLED is available...

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Suspense? Romance? What's your preference?

Thanks to the Romance Junkies for having me here today! For those of you who don’t know me, I write romantic suspense for Dorchester. My debut book, STOLEN FURY, released in January 2009 and got a fabulous five ribbon review from the Junkies. The second book in the Stolen Trilogy, STOLEN HEAT, hits store shelves next...

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WANTED:  A killer! HUNTING WITH THE WOLF Romona Hilliger Author Romantic Suspense  Filled with stunning twists and surprises, this storykeeps the pulse racing while challenging the emotions…        Never in her wildest dreams did the young beauty, Megan Ducass expect be caught up in a hunt for a killer while on holiday in Australia’s Outback.As he...

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How I Became a Romance Junkie by Hannah Murray

“I really love my life,” Jacob drawled. “Mine’s starting to look pretty good,” Isa said, her voice muffled by the comforter. “Darlin’, you should see it from this angle,” he drawled, and sat back to admire his handiwork. The tableau before him was straight out of his fantasies, the ones that had started the day Isa moved in next door to him....

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