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Liane Gentry Skye, Addicted to Magic

I believe in magic.  No, really, I do.  Nobody can convince me that Santa doesn’t exist, that mer-folk aren’t real, or that time travelling demi-gods live only in my imagination.  For me, magic simply is, and I choose not to contemplate a world where it doesn’t exist. I’m finding that during these challenging times, I’m reaching more and more...

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Thanks to the moderators of RJB for allowing me this opportunity. Lure of the Emerald Peacock   India.   A land of beauty and an ancient history. A land where magic potions and soothsayers walk hand- in- hand with everyday life.  It is 1947.   In the dying days of the British Raj  See the exotic TRAILER.  With...

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Debut Titles That Rock!

  The RJ Book Club is 2,500 members strong and made up of readers and authors that come to us from all over the net. Many of our members belong to romance communities, blogs and review sites. We asked our book club members to share with us a debut Author title that they read this...

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What's in a Cowboy?

Since I began writing western romance in early 2008, I haven’t really been able to stop. When I stopped to ask myself why, my #1 reason was of course those addictive cowboy heroes. Alpha? Beta? Gamma? I can’t categorize my cowboy heroes or anyone else’s. Whether writing in the historical or contemporary western world, these...

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Romantic Suspense Author Betty Ann Harris & Her Sexy Special Agents

  First there was the deeply sensitive and romantic Special Agent Tom Owens from Eureka Point. Next came the ruggedly handsome and sexy Special Agent Stephen O’Leary from My Very Special Agent. Both, the kind of agents I wouldn’t mind protecting me.   But hold onto your hats, ladies. My third release in the Special Agent Series, The Darkhorse Conspiracy, which is being released...

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