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Gordon Ramsay vs. Paula Deen by Louisa Edwards

    I guess it’s not a secret at this point that I love food.  Cooking, eating, trying new things, whipping up old classics—I love it all. One of the interview questions I’m most consistently asked:  What’s your favorite dish? And I never know what to say. Because while I have many favorites—from childhood and...

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I wasn't meant to be a sandwich

Just this week I’ve received several emails from readers who’ve mentioned that they’re not only juggling their own lives, but those of an elderly parent. Reading offers them an escape. I’m hope that my latest Sweet Magnolias book, Home in Carolina, will also offer them a few chuckles. Those of you who’ve followed this series...

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SEALed by the Seat of my Pants

I love to get emails from fans. I heard from a reader the other day who begged me not to stop writing my SEALed series. She’d read somewhere that I had only one more planned. In fact, people often ask me will the series continue past the book I’m currently working on. Here’s the thing....

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Idea Spark – A Fro Affair

I was on my way home the other day when I passed this woman who was sporting a slamming Afro hairstyle. The woman’s fro was big, high and poufy. I think it was a wig but it was so good I couldn’t tell. She was also sporting the clothing to go with the fro. She...

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