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For the Love of Romance

By: Marie Force Over the weekend, a friend asked me if I’d read this year’s hot new book. You know, the one everyone is talking about. I said, no, I haven’t. She asked if it’s on my radar, and I said no, it isn’t. It’s not a romance. She stared at me, agog. You read...

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Impractically Works

I was working on a scene in a book and it was giving me issues. For some reason what I wanted to happen just didn’t seem to be working. I did everything I could to get it to work. Nothing worked. Finally I discussed it with a friend. She asked me to describe what I...

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The Allure of the Bad Boy

            Mysterious.  Hot.   What is it about the bad boy that appeals to us?              In my mother’s generation it was James Dean:                                     Dean happened to be a misunderstood guy with a mega ‘tude and a motorcycle.  Very hot!             Remember THE LOST BOYS?  Kiefer Sunderland could bite me anyday!                        ...

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Wake Up Call

I love my characters, what author doesn’t? The Omegas, my very own pack of geeky werewolves, didn’t have an alpha to follow. They lived together as a happy unit until challenged by a larger local pack. How they survived this conflict is in book one of The Vanguards series so I won’t give away too...

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