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Q&A with Liz Maverick–The Transporter

The Transporter by Liz Maverick

Q&A with Liz Maverick, author of The Hudson Kings series. THE TRANSPORTER: Shane Sullivan, a.k.a. the Transporter, channels his need for speed into top-secret delivery runs for the Hudson Kings, an elite band of mercenaries. His precious cargo has never talked back—until now. He’s riding to the rescue of his fellow team member’s sister, who’s fleeing...

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Blowing Up Your POV by Jeanne Harrell

BLOWING UP YOUR POV–Point of view. I started paying closer attention to point of view when I read a few reviews criticizing master romance writer, Nora Roberts, for mixing her POVs. “Shameful,” said one reviewer. “Incredible,” wrote another. How could she? Didn’t she know any better? All because Nora had the audacity to write this…...

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IN HIS HANDS by Adriana Anders

In His Hands by Ariana Anders

Abby Merkley has been a member of the Church of the Apocalyptic Faith since she was a child, and there’s no way out…until her darkly handsome, brooding neighbor defies the rules and takes her into the safety of his arms. He should frighten her, but everything inside Abby thrills at Luc Stanek’s rough manners and...

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