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No Earls Allowed by Shanna Galen

No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen

NO EARLS ALLOWED by Shana Galen. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady can do anything a man can do: backwards and in high-heeled dancing slippers. Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Maur, needs all the help she can get. She’s running a ramshackle orphanage, London’s worst slumlord has illicit designs...

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Ivy Vines Visions by Judy Serrano

IVY VINES, VISIONS by Judy Serrano. Moving to Sedona was the only way Ivy could think of to start over. She would meet her high school sweetheart and work on making things right between them. Her psychic abilities were gradually becoming a curse and she needed a new start. Little does she know that when...

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Every Deep Desire by Sharon Wray

Every Deep Desire, a contemporary retelling of Romeo and Juliet and first in the Deadly Force series, is about Rafe Montfort and Juliet Capel. Rafe, a man in Kells’s unit, left his men and his wife to join the Prince and his Fianna army only to end up in prison. Now, eight years later, Rafe...

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Hooked on a Phoenix by Ashlyn Chase

HOOKED ON A PHOENIX by Ashlyn Chase Locked in a bank vault together, they might redefine the meaning of “safe” sex Gabe Fierro is a firefighter—and a phoenix. Like his brothers, his biggest challenge is finding a woman open-minded enough to accept a shapeshifter into her life. When his boyhood friend asks him to watch...

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Catherine Bybee’s NOT QUITE CRAZY

Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee

NOT QUITE CRAZY by Catherine Bybee   No one drives in New York City. Everyone knows that, including California transplant Rachel Price. But that doesn’t stop her from driving into the city. From Connecticut. Every single morning. Rain or shine…or snow. When she runs the charismatic and good-looking Jason Fairchild off the road, their immediate spark...

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