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The Banty House

The Banty House by Carolyn Brown

THE BANTY HOUSE is set in a very small town in Texas called Rooster. Three elderly sisters—Kate, Betsy and Connie—live there, and we learn the history of the house, about their mom who died sixty years before, and their penchant for living life. The sisters are definitely set in their routines but live life as...

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The Lighthouse (Five Island Cove)

The Lighthouse by Jessie Newton

THE LIGHTHOUSE is women’s fiction and the first book in the FIVE ISLAND COVE series. There are complex, lifelong friendships among women who haven’t seen each other in a long time. When Joel, the former lighthouse keeper and a beloved member of the community as well as Kristen’s husband, dies, some negative things about him...

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First Kiss with a Cowboy

First Kiss with a Cowboy by Sara Richardson

FIRST KISS WITH A COWBOY is the first book in the SILVERADO LAKE series, and I can’t wait for more! The characters are portrayed realistically with the right amount of drama. Jane writes romance novels set in the mountains in the west, and with a cowboy front and center! She writes under a pseudonym, but...

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A Daddy for Mika

A Daddy for Mika by Shelby Morgen

A DADDY FOR MIKA was an extremely quick read at only seventy pages, but the book kept my interest.The characters had a depth to them, especially regarding their pasts. Stevie and her son were able to help Kaden as much as he helped them. They met when he, as a sheriff’s deputy, went to check...

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