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Back To Your Love

Back to Your Love by Kianna Alexander

Xaviar Whitted has worked hard all his life. He is devoted to giving back to the community and helping at-risk kids. He enjoys his life and hopes to run for political office so he can reach more people with his public service. The only thing missing in his life is love. He married and divorced...

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Home at Last

Home at Last by Lily Everett

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at book six in this engaging series. I was anxious for Marcus and Quinn’s story since getting to know them and their undeniable attraction in book five, CLOSE TO HOME. Sanctuary Island latches onto your heart and you can’t wait to come back to this quirky island of...

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The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken

​​​THE PLAYBOY BACHELOR is the second novel from Rachel Van Dyken’s THE BACHELORS OF ARIZONA series. The premise of the book is good and the emotional scenes are quite meaningful. In addition, Ms. Van Dyken does a nice job of bringing about the many facets of the characters. Romance author Margot McCleery is a recluse....

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The Thing About Love by Julie James

​​​​​I have always wanted to read a book by JULIE JAMES but never got around to it. Then I got lucky and received a copy of THE THING ABOUT LOVE to review. Wow, what an enthralling novel. This book is so good, I read it from cover to cover in only a couple of days....

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Healing A Heart, A Cattle Creek Novel, Book 2

Matters of the heart are a tricky thing. In HEALING A HEART, Jake Langston, a ruggedly, handsome cowboy, is shocked when he sees the girl from the one night fling he had about four months ago in his driveway. Bryn Talbot has important news to share with Jake. She hesitantly delivers it but it doesn’t...

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Emma Fletcher is headed back to Stonefall, the town she grew up in and where her mother still lives. Her car breaks down right outside of town and who should stop to help her but one of her old schoolmates. A tow truck is called and Tristan Banks is the driver, another former school mate....

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