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Met Her Match

MET HER MATCH is a spirited, passionate story in the Summer Hill series that reels the reader right in! Ms. Deveraux turns out a finely tuned plot that focuses on the Montgomery and Rayburn families. It stars Terri Rayburn who returns home to find a devastatingly handsome looking dude, Nate Taggert, is lodging at her...

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Three Dog Night

Alex Santorini is the cook at his family’s Greek restaurant. At his mother’s wedding reception, he tries to garner the pretty vintner’s attention. Alex offers his culinary expertise when he discovers Grace needs a replacement chef. He runs across a vital clue to Grace’s mysterious past at her winery. In between preparing for a mock...

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Would Like To Meet

WOULD LIKE TO MEET is a lighthearted romance story filled with daffy, dating disasters. The book stars Evie Summers who believes in love at first sight. Well not really, but she is trying to convince herself of this, along with an absurdly handsome, egotistical screenwriter named Ezra Chester, that falling in love during chance encounters,...

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The Christmas Boutique

The Christmas Boutique by Jennifer Chiaverini

THE CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE is a glimpse into the lives of women who are serious quilters and the many friendships that are forged. The story stars Sylvia Bergstrom, an educator and quilter who grew up during the depression. Her family is wealthy and they live in the huge Elm Street manor. She lost her first husband...

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