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Leader of the Pack

Ex-marine Liam Kilcannon is the eldest out of the six Kilcannon children. He specializes in training German Shepherds for high-protection guard dogs. Liam offers his dog-trainee Jag when he hears about the break-in at Andi River’s home. When Andi’s problems become even more serious, he steps forward to help her. Liam hates the sham his...

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Weddings at Promise Lodge

When Mattie Bender and Amos Troyer were young and in love, Mattie’s dat (dad) made her marry someone else. They have remained friends and now at their new community, after they have outlived their spouses, Mattie and Amos are exchanging their vows before their new bishop, Monroe Burkholder. The other two Bender sisters, Christine and...

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Kiss My Boots

Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan

If you had the opportunity to get a second chance at love with your first love, would you? In Harper Sloan’s KISS MY BOOTS, Quinn Davis lives in Pine Oak, Texas. She runs her family’s auto garage and is a whiz at mechanics. She has two passions: restoring vintage trucks and her long time love...

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The Light in Summer

Billy Harper is the local librarian in Butternut Lake, a summer destination in the northern Midwest. Billy has lived here for five years and it is where she feels most at home. Her teenage son, Luke, has become a precocious teenager who doesn’t converse with his mother often. Billy finds comfort in her books and...

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Boardwalk Summer

Hope Thompson has been a single mother of twins since she was sixteen years old. After her mother threw her out and the babies’ daddy left town to pursue his race car driver dreams, Hope moved from Minnesota to Tranquility Bay, Washington. Her only living relative took her in and helped Hope to make a...

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Belong to Me

Former-Army medevac pilot Alexander “Zander” Pierce owns and operates his own helicopter service in Harmony Falls, Pennsylvania. Jemba Studios hires him to prepare America’s Sweetheart for a stunt in her upcoming movie. Introvert by nature, the bubbly starlet turns Zander’s world topsy-turvy. He agrees to play Kate’s boyfriend after the paparazzi photographs them in a...

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