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Hot Asset

Hot Asset by Lauren Layne

HOT ASSET is the first book in the new series, 21 WALL STREET, by Lauren Layne. It’s packed with lots of suits and financial dealings mixed in with hookups, romance, and love. The story is fast-paced, and each chapter alternates between Ian and Lana.  Ian’s one of the wonder boys of Wall Street. Lana is...

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Herons Landing

Herons Landing by JoAnn Ross

HERONS LANDING is the first book in the HONEYMOON HARBOR series by JoAnn Ross, which is set in a very small town in Washington state in the often cold, rainy, and dreary Pacific Northwest. We meet the characters and get to know them a little at a time since they each have a depth to...

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The Santangelos

Lucky Santangelo is a strong, beautiful, and passionate woman. She comes from a long line of powerful and focused Santantelos and has made a true name for herself. She has run several successful businesses and currently runs a series of hotels in the heart of Las Vegas. She knows how to run a business and...

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This Love Story Will Self-Destruct

Come on a funny, fast-moving adventure about self-discovery in Leslie Cohen’s debut novel, THIS LOVE STORY WILL SELF-DESTRUCT. A pretty, 20-something girl, Eve, an aspiring writer, is zany, funny and sometimes dramatic. What girl isn’t? Eve navigates life with aplomb albeit with two socks on. Her personality aside, a fuss-budget and sympathizer, she meets a...

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