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No Judgments

NO JUDGMENTS is a storm-fueled romance that will sweep you off your feet! A couple months ago, Sabrina “Bree” Beckham, flees from a catastrophic situation to the tranquil shores of Little Bridge, Florida. It is a small island filled with charming houses and equally welcoming people. It is her family’s preferred leisure location. Weather reports...

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Love Her or Lose Her

Love Her or Lose Her by Tessa Bailey

LOVE HER OR LOSE HER is a nice continuation of the HOT & HAMMERED series. The story has playful elements, as well as some hot chemistry between the leads. It’s also an emotional story between a couple who’s lost their connection. Rosie works at a cosmetics counter spraying perfume all day. Her husband is in...

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Dachshund Through the Snow

Daschund Through the Snow by Roxanne St. Claire

Agnes Santorini, Yiayia to her grandchildren, is the Santorini clan’s matriarch. She learns about the availability of a certain dachshund, the kind she had always wanted. Agnes is willing to pay any price for this dog, even swallow her prickly pride. Along with her roommate and the woman’s great-granddaughter, the trio embark on a Christmas...

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You Deserve Each Other

YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER is perfectly fabulous, snarky fun! It’s a fast-paced original tale of discontent between an engaged couple. The altar of I Do’s is looming large and Naomi Westfield doesn’t want any part of it. She is engaged to an extremely handsome well-bred man but…the spark isn’t there. Discord and anger has taken...

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