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Miracle at Christmas

Miracle at Christmas by Debbie Mason

MIRACLE AT CHRISTMAS is a quick-paced novella with a lot packed into it in the CHRISTMAS, COLORADO SERIES at only ninety-four pages. I was immersed in the story immediately, taken from New York City to Christmas, Colorado and back again. This is the first book I’ve read in this series, but it won’t be my...

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A Wedding at Two Love Lane

A Wedding at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer is an interesting story that begins with a charity auction and continues on its merry way to a very unusual but satisfactory conclusion. The story opens with Greer Jones speaking with her mother about a wedding that never happened because Greer decided she didn’t want to...

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Spring Forward

Spring Forward by Catherine Anderson

SPRING FORWARD is the fourth book in Catherine Anderson’s Mystic Creek Series and can be read as a stand alone story. Tanner Richards works a postal delivery route and really enjoys his job. When one of his former customers, Tuck Malloy, who is also one of his favorite people, contacts him requesting help him, he...

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Cowboy Stole My Heart

Cowboy Stole My Heart by Soraya Lane

Mia Ford is one of the heirs to the River Ranch in Texas. She runs the horse part of the ranch, plus she has show-jumpers of her own. She doesn’t answer to anyone except her father sometimes. Mia has been looking for an injured stallion named Tex that was part of an accident that killed...

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Beautiful Lawman

Beautiful Lawman by Sophie Jordan

Have you ever been judged by the actions of your family? Piper Walsh has a family history where most members have been on the wrong side of the law. Because of this, she has been treated as if everything they have done is all her fault. She would like to leave the town she grew...

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Now That You Mention It

Now That You Mention It by Kristin Higgins

NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT is another great read by Kristan Higgins. My emotions were engaged from the first page to the last.There were laugh out loud moments as well as sniffles and tears. For Nora, growing up on the small island of Scupper Island, Maine, was brutal. She was overweight; her dad left when...

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