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Paranormal / Futuristic

The Edge of the Blade

Imperial Prince Kral is the second son of the Dasnarian Empire. He is also the Empire’s General, a position without any true power and beholden only to his emperor brother.  Kral agrees to escort Jepp to his country as the Thirteen Kingdoms’ representative. The woman’s boldness and warrior mannerisms incite his blood. Kral fears the...

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Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

New York Times bestseller Patricia Briggs returns with another enthralling, adventurous installment of the Mercy Thompson series in SILENCE FALLEN. Fast-paced, the story begins with a kidnapping and continues with Briggs’ trademark humor, adventure, and thrilling plot lines. I was sucked in from the first page to the last. An amazing urban fantasy that sets...

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Etched in Bone

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

ETCHED IN BONE by Anne Bishop is the fifth book in her A Novel of the Others series. Oh. My. God. This series is phenomenal, and Bishop continues to take the characters to deeper, darker places while giving them hope and growth in a world constantly changing. Kudos to Anne Bishop for making this a...

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FIRESTORM by Donna Grant features Dimitri who is the Dragon King of the Whites. He returns to his homeland to investigate the matter the King of the Kings requested of him. Dimitri poses as the excavating party’s hired muscle while searching for a discreet way to destroy a skeleton. The sight of the bones, however,...

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Good Vampires Go To Heaven

Good Vampires Go To Heaven by Sandra Hill

Witches, vampires, and vangels, oh my! In Sandra Hill’s new book, GOOD VAMPIRES GO TO HEAVEN, Zeb, a smokin’ vampire demon, is rescued from prison hell by a red-hot mama, Regina, a multi-talented vangel witch. She brings with her three zany cohorts in crime in this last novel in the DEADLY ANGEL series. Zebulan, a...

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The White Spell

Acair of Ceangail is the illegitimate son of the Nine Kingdom’s most notorious black mage. He atones for his misdeeds by agreeing to go without his magic for an entire year. Grudgingly, Acair takes employment as a stable hand until the return of his magic. He notices the strangeness in the stables, especially the flame-haired...

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