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Paranormal / Futuristic

Hooked on a Witch

Jason Merck is an Enforcer, a supernatural witch hunter who strikes down anyone practicing black or death magic. He dreads his judgement day before the Greek gods. Merck resents them for their meddling in his life. He rescues Shannon Randolph, a girl from his past, from a kidnapping plot. Merck discovers his destiny is somehow...

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Bring the Heat

Bring the Heat by GA Aiken

The ninth book in G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series, BRING THE HEAT, is trademark G.A. Aiken. Humor, adventure, violence, and romance combine to prove that once again, Aiken is at the top of her game in the paranormal romance genre.  The characters are funny and richly layered, a vibrant amalgam of humor, emotion, and depth....

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Seduced by Fire

Ryder “Mack” Magnus is a Bloodkin, a royal Midnight dragon lord. Under the guise of Dr. Ted Harrison, he works as a professor of ancient history. Ryder accidentally half-transformed in front of a roomful of human students. To escape the aftermath of his blown cover, he reluctantly agrees to aid Aura in her treasure-hunting scheme....

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Falcyn is a drakomai, the lethal progeny of a god and goddess turned demon. He is the first and oldest of his kind. Falcyn regrets what has become of his only son. Two separate parties approach him for the use of his dragonstone. Falcyn and his three unwelcome companions soon find themselves transported to a...

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Magpie's Song

Magpies Song by Allison Pang

Raggy Maggy, aka Magpie, is a Moon-Child, a supposed unwanted child of a BrightStone woman and a Meridian male. She collects scrap in the desolate wastelands of the Warrens for her clan. Maggy stumbles upon a strange clock-work dragon and a dead Meridian male. The dragon’s presence heralds all kinds of changes for poor Mags....

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Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

In this third installment of Ilona Andrews’ A Hidden Legacy series, WILDFIRE kicks off right where the last book ended. Intrepid PI and truthseeker Nevada Baylor has to figure out how to deal with her lethal grandmother while handling a new case that’s as dangerous as it gets–involving her boyfriend’s gorgeous, “helpless” ex. This book...

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