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Paranormal / Futuristic

The Sea King

The Sea King by C.L. Wilson

Princess Gabriella Coruscate is the daughter of the late Summerlea King. She is known to all the kingdoms as the season Summer. Gabriella leads everyone to believe she is the weakest Season to hide a frightening power. Dilys tempts Gabriella to give in to her heart’s truest desire. When she is abducted by the pirate...

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Midnight Wolf

Midnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

In Jennifer Ashley’s eleventh addition to the SHIFTERS UNBOUND series, MIDNIGHT WOLF shines!  Ashley consistently delivers action, romance, and adventure and just keeps getting better! In this installment, Angus Murray, a shifter from New Orleans, is forced to track down Tamsin Calloway, a Collar-less shifter on the run from Shifter Bureau. Angus isn’t keen on...

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What to Expect When Your Demon Slayer is Expecting

Demon slayer extraordinaire Lizzie Brown-Kallinikos returns to her hometown in Georgia. She discovers her adopted mother possessed by an unfamiliar entity. To save her mother, Lizzie reluctantly relies on the enigmatic spirit she and the biker witches encountered in New Orleans. When the spirit double crosses her, Dimitri and the witches scramble to find a...

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Dark Queen

Dark Queen by Faith Hunter

DARK QUEEN is the twelfth book in the Jane Yellowrock series. This is sophisticated urban fantasy with detailed world building and in depth characters. It’s best to read the books in order so as not to miss the nuances of growth and the subtle interweavings of ever changing relationships. Faith Hunter always entertains. DARK QUEEN...

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