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Paranormal / Futuristic

Dangerously Divine

Gregori Sun is a former rider, a supernatural being born from a Russian god and a Mongolian shamaness. He is known to the Baba Yagas and the Otherworld as the mystical and the cool-headed Red Rider. Now mortal, Gregori searches for a way to reconnect with the universal energies and reclaim his natural equilibrium. He...

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So I Married A Wind Sorcerer

So I Married a Sorcerer by Kerrelyn Sparks

SO I MARRIED A SORCERER is an exquisitely crafted, mesmerizing adventure. The second book in the EMBRACED series is about Brigitta, who is one of the five orphan sisters at a convent on the Isle of Moon. The series is set in a new world with light from two moons. Babies born on the eclipse...

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Vampire Fight Club

Nathan “Nate” Sabine is a rare, day-walking vampire. He is a manager at a demon-operated vampire club with a secret underground fighting arena. Nate feels dead inside until Vladlena walks into his office for a medic position. When she attracts his demonic boss’ attention, he risks everything to protect her. Will Nate lose yet another...

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Highland Dragon Rebel

Highland Dragon Rebel by Isabel Cooper

Madoc of Avondos undertakes a challenging quest to form alliances to preserve a future against English tyranny. He entrusts his protection to Moiread MacAlasdair from the assassins, whose main objection is keeping the Welsh wizard from completing his mission. At each destination of power, Madoc performs the necessary rituals with the land’s overseers to solidify...

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Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan

Emeline Sanchez has psychic abilities and hidden knowledge desperately wanted by the evil vampires who want to control the world. She carries secrets she believes will mean the end of her life under the protection of the Carpathians.   Dragomir Kazol is an ancient Carpathian who believes his time on earth is coming to an...

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Archangel's Viper

Archangels Viper by Nalini Singh

In Nalini Singh’s tenth book in her thrilling Guild Hunter series, ARCHANGEL’S VIPER, readers finally get Venom’s story. The vampire has been a steady presence in her previous books, an oddity even among his kind, but his history has never been explored. And Holly Chang, a human turned into something else after being attacked by...

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