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Romantic Suspense

The No. 2 Detective Feline Agency: A Hettie Bagshot Mystery, Book 1

Spectacular, sassy cats populate Mandy Morton’s new series called THE NO. 2 FELINE DETECTIVE AGENCY. It stars Hettie Bagshot, a multi-talented feline crooner, who tackles murder cases albeit half-haphazardly. She has aspirations to be a detective and has a purrfectfully pretty raincoat to boot. So, Hettie and her best friend and flat mate, Tilly, give...

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Night Watch

Night Watch by Iris & Roy Johansen

In the fourth installment to the Kendra Michael’s series, NIGHT WATCH by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen, Kendra and a blast from her past make her put all her skills and knowledge to the test. Being born blind, only to later gain her sight thanks to the Night Watch program and Dr. Charles Waldridge, has...

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Just One Touch: A Slow Burn Novel

Just One Touch by Maya Banks

Jenna has lived almost all of her life in a cult. She has very little knowledge of the world that exists outside the walls she has been forced to stay within. Her life has been hell–she’s been forced to do whatever bidding commanded of her by the male members. Her goal is to escape, and...

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Stealing Mr. Right

Stealing Mr. Right by Tamara Morgan

Of all the positive points about this book I could make, I’d say the narration in STEALING MR. RIGHT by Tamara Morgan was absolutely amazing. Morgan engages the reader in the first paragraph, and the first person point of view was perfect for this snarky, fun, fast-paced comedic caper. A lively cast of secondary characters,...

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Physical Forces

Physical Forces by DD Ayers

PHYSICAL FORCES is book six in the K-9 RESCUE SERIES, and it didn’t disappoint. There’s one adventure after another with Oliver from BARKS showing up unexpectedly and helping Mac out, though she doesn’t want his help. He and Mac have an instant attraction even if they do start off on the wrong foot. Mac is...

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The Legend

The fight with the Saints is far from over in Donna Grant’s THE LEGEND. Delta Force Colonel Wyatt Loughman is the eldest Loughman brother. He and his brothers find themselves embroiled in a dire predicament while searching for their kidnapped father. Wyatt pairs up with Callie to locate his father’s whereabouts and to discover the...

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