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Romantic Suspense

The Darkest Corner

The Darkest Corner by Liliana Hart

Deacon Tucker is dead to the world. That is what he agreed to when he was recruited to be a Gravedigger. He is a member of a strike force for a covert organization so secret that even the President does not know of its existence. He and his team are from the elite in military...

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Wired by Julie Garwood

WIRED by Julie Garwood is a suspense novel featuring Allison Trent, hacker, model and software programmer, and Liam Scott, an FBI agent who has a leak and needs Allison to find it. She does, relatively quickly, perhaps too much so for the story. As a result of finding the leak, Allison attracts an enemy within...

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Enforcing The Paw

In Diane Kelly’s new novel in the PAW ENFORCEMENT SERIES called ENFORCING THE PAW, two ticked-off ex-lovers veer into abusive territory when one takes a walk on the sinister stalker side. It is up to top notch police officer Megan Luz and her trusty pawkick, police dog Brigit, to solve this prickly pickle puzzle of...

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Some Kind of Hero

Shayla Whitman is a romantic suspense author who has tried to overcome writer’s block for two years. Her new neighbor is a Navy Seal with his daughter, Maddie. When Peter flags down Shayla on the street asking her to follow a car he thinks his daughter has gotten into, Shayla is intrigued as any good...

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Fuel for Fire

Former CIA agent Dagan Zoelner works as a cover operator for Black Knights Inc, a covert government defense firm. He and three other operators accompany Chelsea to England to investigate the lead on the enigmatic Spider’s identity. Dagan dislikes Chelsea working undercover. When Chelsea’s cover is blown, Dagan swoops in to save her from the...

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The No. 2 Detective Feline Agency: A Hettie Bagshot Mystery, Book 1

Spectacular, sassy cats populate Mandy Morton’s new series called THE NO. 2 FELINE DETECTIVE AGENCY. It stars Hettie Bagshot, a multi-talented feline crooner, who tackles murder cases albeit half-haphazardly. She has aspirations to be a detective and has a purrfectfully pretty raincoat to boot. So, Hettie and her best friend and flat mate, Tilly, give...

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