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Romantic Suspense

Cowboy Cross My Heart

Cowboy, Cross My Heart by Donna Grant

Brice Harper is a cowboy and former Marine. He and his younger brother enter the bull roping event at the rodeo. While there, Brice rescues a beautiful stranger from being mugged. Brice discovers there is more to the incident than he or Naomi expected. When the situation turns deadly, Brice enlists the aid of his...

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The Royal Runaway

THE ROYAL RUNAWAY is screaming with excitement! The Princess of Drieden, Theodora, a gorgeous girl with vivacious verve, is dumped, as in exit, stage right, on her wedding day. The nerve of her fiancé! Angry and humiliated, she is stumped by Christian’s actions. She is whisked away to recover for four months. She returns to...

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Through the Fire

Through the Fire by Katie Ruggle

In Katie Ruggle’s fourth installment of her Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit series, the story centers around newcomer Kit Jernigan, the latest addition to the K-9 unit in the small town of Monroe, Colorado.  Kit’s been through a tough time in her prior unit and just wants to fit in. But all is not quiet in...

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Good Little Girls

FBI Special Agent Wyatt Camden cannot forget the Skull case, nor its sole survivor. He feels guilty about not capturing the serial killer. When Tinsley Jensen contacts him, Wyatt rushes to her house. The frightened woman provokes unprofessional feelings in him. Wyatt intends to capture the dangerous sociopath, so the masked man cannot hurt another...

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