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Romantic Suspense

Love & Death In Burgundy

Love & Death in Burgundy

LOVE & DEATH IN BURGUNDY is a mesmerizing mystery full of charm, cheese, and colorful, clever characters. A gifted artist, Katherine Goff, along with her musically acerbic husband, Michael, move into a tight knit community in Reigny-sur-Canne. Katherine longs to be accepted by her neighbors but it’s harder than she expects. One of her neighbors...

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Lethal Lies

Lethal Lies by Rebecca Zanetti

LETHAL LIES by Rebecca Zanetti was an exciting read.   Anya Best is a criminal psychologist and has been working with her sister, Loretta, by profiling a serial killer known as the Copper Killer. Loretta is one of the police detectives assigned to the case. While following a lead, Loretta disappears. Heath Jones is a private...

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick

In Amanda Quick’s (Jayne Ann Krentz’s) magical THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, we’re taken back to California in the 1930s. It’s an interesting time period and really adds to the story, especially with Quick’s full, rich descriptions.  Irene Glasson, a reporter and woman with secrets to hide, finds a dead actress at the bottom...

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A Death At The Yoga Cafe, A Keeley Carpenter Mystery, Book 2

A DEATH AT THE YOGA CAFE is a kitschy, cozy murder mystery novel with high octane fun involving a cute yoga instructor named Keeley Carpenter, who is the proud owner of a veggie cafe’. The town residents are flocking to Keeley’s shop and she is very content. Her mom disapproves of her business but Keeley...

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Saving Mercy

Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads

SAVING MERCY by Abbie Roads is a dark romantic suspense and the beginning of Roads’s new FATAL TRUTH series. A chilling tale of obsession, murder, and love that surpasses the darkness in all of us, SAVING MERCY is a must-read. Cain Killion is the son of an infamous serial killer, and it doesn’t help that...

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Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks

BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN is the latest installment in Maya Banks’s action packed KGI series. While this is the eleventh book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone with very minimal spoilers. This book focuses on the last bachelor in the Kelly clan–Joe Kelly–and brings the story back home into the KGI compound...

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