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Romantic Suspense

Paw Of The Jungle

It’s the thrill of the chase in Diane Kelly’s new novel, PAW OF THE JUNGLE. Megan Luz and her trained dog, Brigit, are back sniffing out fowl, friends and foe, as one by one, animals disappear from a city zoo. Will Megan find the culprit or will this case remain unsolved? Megan, a doggedly-determined, dishy...

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Deadly Intentions

Deadly Intentions by Lisa Harris

in DEADLY INTENTIONS by Lisa Harris, Caitlyn Lindsey is a research scientist running for her life. She believes her team members are being killed because of information they have discovered about the project they were working on. Although the deaths are deemed natural by the police, Caitlyn believes differently. When her life is suddenly threatened,...

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Her Deadly Secrets

Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin

In HER DEADLY SECRETS by Laura Griffin, Kira Vance works as a private investigator. She loves digging for information, and those around her know she will give them the truth with no sugar coating. She is working on a case for her sometimes boss, looking for information to help out the attorney in charge, who...

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Death In Kew Gardens

Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley

DEATH IN KEW GARDENS is the 3rd book in the Below The Stairs historical series. If you a good mystery set in the late 1800’s, this book is for you. Kat Holloway is the head cook for Lord Rankin’s estate located in London. She has worked hard to achieve this position and is well known...

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