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Guest Blogger Lois Greiman

                                                                                                                                      I recently took an online longevity quiz. According to the results, I’m supposed to live to be 106. 106!! I’m sure you can understand why I immediately began searching for a nice bad habit. Nothing too flashy, something simple. Tobacco was at the top of my list until I realized I’d actually have to...

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Cookies and Romance!

Cookies and Romance!Amelia Grey I’m a sucker for a romance book.  Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.  Some people say it is formula, cookie-cutter writing.  I always say so who doesn’t like cookies!  I don’t care if all of them are made from the same basic recipe, and if they all look alike.  A real cookie aficionado not...

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Confessions  I have a confession to make…I’m not very romantic.  Shocking isn’t it?  My debut novel, Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees was just released by Red Rose Publishing and will be released in printed form this summer under the category of Romance. Me… Romance?  I’m the person who runs out on February 13th at midnight...

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Hi Romance Junkies readers! Sorry this is so late but I work on Wednesdays and just got home. What, work you say? You didn’t realize that some authors actually have to work to pay the bills? I bet you thought that once we get published we’re instantly rich and work for us is sitting in...

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