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A View to Behold

A while ago as I headed to the train to go to my day job as usual it was still dark outside. Yet this time as I arrived at the end of my block I glanced up as I always did to look at the train another block away. But this time my breath paused...

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Cracking the Block by Kaylin McFarren

About a month ago, I found myself rewriting the same chapter over and over again – actually editing my editing. I was stuck, going nowhere, wedged into the corner of a mindless cube with no exit door in sight. Out of curiosity, I investigated and discovered that some pretty well-known authors have suffered from this...

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Emotions with no words

The other day I was watching a ballet when I realized that although there were no words I clearly knew what the dancers were portraying with their body. The ballet had all the emotions it made me laugh, angry, and weep. After the show it left me thinking of the non verbal communication in everyday...

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