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Gadget – MP3 Player

I enjoy music and love my MP3 player. It is filled with some of my favorite music. I have play lists for various moods I might be in. When I am happy I listen to love songs, country and some R&B. If I need a little pick me up it is some rock and alternative...

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I'm Ashlynn Monroe, the new kid on the block!

Hi, my name is Ashlynn Monroe.  For the last few months I have been able to introduce myself with a new moniker…Author.  I have always written.  My imagination has always been my greatest source of entertainment, now I hope it will entertain you too.  I write because I see stories in my head like a...

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Characters: What works and what doesn't

Guest author: Morgan Wyatt  Ever read a book and you really liked it because the characters came alive for you? And yet, you hand this book to your best friend and she doesn’t like it. Might even complain about the characters, what gives?There is a good chance your friend never even read the book because...

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A Sweet Escape

If I could escape and recreate a place that’s my own world Tell me boy now wouldn’t that be sweet?  -Gwen Stefani We all need to escape from time to time. We have different ways of doing so. Some do it through music, some through sport and some of us daydream. Sometimes this fleeting escape...

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Inspiration derived from fifty years of love

  When I decided to try my hand at fiction after having published several nonfiction books, I decided that the only kind of novels I wanted to write were love stories. From the time I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated with relationships and I always found myself resonating to romantic stories far more than...

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