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Sale and #FREE Reads for your Friday!

Yield To Me by Sarah Castille

This Friday, we have news about FREE and sale books from authors you know and love. And if you don’t, get to know them!  From Marie Harte, TO HUNT A SAINTE and A MAJOR ATTRACTION. From Sarah Castille, FIGHTING ATTRACTION, YIELD TO ME, and NAUGHTY DESIRES. And from Janet Elizabeth Henderson, GOODY TWO SHOES. Links...

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Bed of Flowers by Erin Satie

BED OF FLOWERS by Erin Satie. Bonny Reed is beautiful, inside and out. A loyal friend and loving daughter, she’s newly engaged to her small town’s most eligible bachelor. She’s happy for herself—but mostly for her family, who need the security her marriage will bring. An old enemy shatters her illusions. First Baron Loel cost...

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What Happens in Summer by Caridad Pineiro

The sizzling heat doesn’t always stay in summer. . . Connie Reyes and Jonathan Pierce only discovered how different they were after a magical summer on the Jersey Shore. She was ambitious and practical; he was artistic and rebellious. Their parting was heartrending, and the intervening years have only made a reunion less and less...

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Ruth Kaufman’s MY LIFE AS A STAR

My Life as a Star by Ruth Kaufman

In MY LIFE AS A STAR by award-winning author Ruth Kaufman, after summoning the courage to quit her day job, Marla Goldberg is determined to achieve her dream of being a full-time working actress in Chicago. Her best gig so far is a national TV commercial directed by hot, famous Scott Sampson. But portraying a...

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The Gunslinger’s Vow by Amy Sandas

The Gunslinger's Vow by Amy Sandas

In THE GUNSLINGER’S VOW by Amy Sandas, Alexandra Brighton spent the last five years in Boston, erasing all evidence of the wild frontier girl she used to be. Before she settles down, she’s determined to visit her childhood home one final time. But when she finds herself stranded far from civilization, she has no choice but to...

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