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The Alpha Hero in a Mystery Series by Frankie Y. Bailey

Death's Favorite Child by Frankie Y. Bailey

Frankie Bailey, author of DEATH’S FAVORITE CHILD, talks about the alpha hero in a mystery series.  As every mystery writer who has a series with a female protagonist knows, a man can be trouble. Especially if that man is the strong Alpha male of romance novels. The challenge is how to keep the male character...

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ENSNARED by J.S. Scott

Ensnared by J.S. Scott

In J.S. Scott’s ENSNARED, wildlife conservationist Jade Sinclair isn’t used to having money. But when she and her siblings learned they were part of the mega-rich Sinclair dynasty, they became billionaires overnight. Jade doesn’t even know how to act rich, especially when she’s dealing with an arrogant, privileged, unreasonably sexy snob like Eli Stone. Unlike Jade, Eli...

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Anyta Sunday’s Pisces Hooks Taurus

Pisces Hooks Taurus by Anyta Sunday

It’s a time for searching, and a time for finding, Pisces: keep casting your line and you will hook what you’re looking for. Zane has it all planned out: land the perfect Meet Cute, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Should be simple enough if he put his mind to it. A little creativity...

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Layla Reyne’s Favorite Romance Universes & #Giveaway

Craft Brew by Layla Reyne

“CRAFT BREW is a fast-paced, suspenseful novel that will take you on an emotional thrill-ride from beginning to end. I couldn’t stop turning the page to find out what happened next!” — Hailey Turner, bestselling author of the Soulbound series and Metahuman Files series  “I loved this book. In the second installation of the Trouble...

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