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A Summer Break

For the most of summer I’ve been spending a lot of time off-line. Taking a summer break for me and to spend time with my family. At first it was hard. I’m used to going on my computer everyday. It is one of the first things I do when I get home from the day...

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Crime, Comedy and Cute Guys

Are you one of those people who tends to crack a joke when you’re in trouble? Is it because fear brings out the urge to laugh, or is it that laughter helps us get though the worst of times? With all the doom and gloom around these days, don’t we all need a ray of...

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Cook Your Socks Off For Mr. Darcy

Dear lovely readers It’s great to be here today. I’m Enid Wilson from Sydney, Australia. I’m a pretty brand new sexy romance author with two books under my belt. Thanks Kim at Romance Junkies for hosting my Naughty Pride and Prejudice Book Tour.  I asked her what her readers would like to read and she...

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Romance Book Cliches

I am an avid romance reader, obviously, considering my debut novel, “Lost In You” is in the romance genre. I enjoy books by Nicholas Sparks and Luanne Rice. I adored the “Twilight” saga mostly because of the love story. However, my gripe about the romance industry are all the cliches. Is it me or do...

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Visual Symbols by Ciara Gold

Visual Symbols A day ago, a new teacher at a private school here in town asked me to come show her a few things so she’d have a great start to the new year. This is her first year to teach and she’s teaching with an emergency certificate, so yeah, I’d be a tad nervous...

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