Amy Sandas: The Untouchable Earl

The Untouchable Earl by Amy Sandas

THE UNTOUCHABLE EARL by Amy Sandas.  Lily Chadwick has spent her life playing by society’s rules. But when an unscrupulous moneylender snatches her off the street and puts her up for auction at a pleasure house, she finds herself in the possession of a man who makes her breathless with terror and impossible yearning… Who...

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Kristy McCaffrey

The Bluebird by Kristy McCaffrey

New Release: The Bluebird by Kristy McCaffrey  ♥  Molly Rose Simms departs the Arizona Territory, eager for adventure, and travels to Colorado to visit her brother. Robert left two years ago to make his fortune in the booming silver town of Creede, and now Molly Rose hopes to convince him to accompany her to San...

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