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Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

TWISTED PALACE is the much anticipated third book in The Royals trilogy, and Erin Watt delivers another extraordinary display of skill. Book two left things with quite the cliffhanger. Reed was taken into custody for murder, and Ella’s biological father, Steve – whom everyone thought died in a hang-gliding accident – is suddenly back from the grave. These books...

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To Love and to Cherish

To-Love-and-to-cherish by Lauree Layne

I enjoyed TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH, the last book in the WEDDING BELLES SERIES, and am sorry we won’t be returning to get updates to the characters or the new business venture Logan is involved in along with Josh. This is the story of Alexis and Logan, and the prologue from eight years before set...

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Rake’s Redemption

Rake's Redemption by Chantal Fernando

Rafe and Bailey have a history that neither wants to remember. Yet neither can forget, and each for different reasons. Rafe fully admits that he loves women and sex, and Bailey being around is making him remember old feelings and betrayal. However, not everything is what is seems, and when the truth finally comes to...

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Homecoming by Shannon Stacey

Fourteen Years ago, Sam Leavitt left Stewart Mills, NH and his terrible childhood in a dysfunctional family behind. But he left as a decent man thanks to Coach McDonnell. Now it is Coach who needs him. After suffering a heart attack, the man who helped turn him around is recuperating and on medical leave. But...

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Someone Like You

Love is all you need, supposedly. Only, in Abby McCord’s case, she needs to be able to trust a man too. She returns to Long Island after a failed relationship and moves in with her parents and her sister, who is recently divorced, to help care for her sister’s child, Dylan. Abby is an extremely...

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True-Blue Cowboy Christmas

To Summer Shaw, the Shaw Ranch in Montana is heaven on earth. After a life in California with her mother who treated her like a possession, Summer is now living in her caravan on the ranch belonging to her father. He left her and her mother when Summer was quite young, taking her sister and...

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