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Take Me, Cowboy

What’s a girl to do when her brothers bet her she can’t get a date for the town’s annual charity event? Well, she consults her best friend, who happens to be seriously sexy, for advice and hopes he can come up with some fool proof plan to help her win the bet. What Anna doesn’t...

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I Knew You Were Trouble

When life as Faith knows it implodes she runs to the one person she knows she can trust to help her – her brother Sam’s best friend, Nate King.   She’s in desperate need of a place to stay and a job and Nate has extra rooms plus he needs a housekeeper.  If he agrees to...

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Danger, Sweetheart

Blake Tarbell’s visit to Sweetheart, North Dakota was supposed to be a simple trip to visit his mom and make sure she’s okay since she’d insisted on moving back to the small backwater town where she’d been rejected years before. What he hadn’t expected is for her to be pissed, and I mean royally pissed,...

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Reunion Pass

Lori Murphy loved her boyfriend Chase, but it was important to her to finish college and become a veterinarian. She didn’t want to go through what her single mom had. Unlike Lori, Chase was an adventurer and as they each pursued their own interests, they slowly parted ways. Lori was heartbroken when she realized it...

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