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An Unconditional Freedom

An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole

AN UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM by Alyssa Cole is a difficult and inspiring story about racism within American history. The emotion, fear, sadness, and hope for the future shines brilliantly in a novel that’s not always easy to read, even though everyone should. Author Alyssa Cole emotionally illustrates the American Civil War through pain and aggression from...

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Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory by Tess LeSue

BOUND FOR GLORY is the fourth and last book in the FRONTIERS OF THE HEART series by Tess LeSue. It has a multitude of characters, but this is Ava and Deathrider’s story.  Ava grew up with wealth, the daughter of a pampered mistress and rich father who cut ties with them. She couldn’t get away...

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Marry In Secret

Marry in Secret by Anne Gracie

Rich in history and mystery, MARRY IN SECRET, the third book in the A Marriage Of Convenience series, is a sincerely addictive, in love with romance, story. It stars Lady Rose Rutherford, a rambunctious, ravishing lady who weds a naval officer in a quiet ceremony as a teenager before he leaves with the Royal Navy....

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Freedom: Silver Dollar Saloon

Freedom by Paty Jager

FREEDOM is the third book in the SILVER DOLLAR SALOON series that is set in the 1880’s in Shady Gulch in the Dakota Territory. I loved that we are back with characters I’ve not only grown to love but that the story picks up where we left off. This is Freedom’s story, a freed black...

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