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Duke of Storm

Irish-born Major Connor Forbes discovers he inherited an English dukedom. He suspects someone is trying to eradicate his family line. Conner is uncomfortable in his new role of Duke, especially with his peer’s lackluster welcome due to his heritage. A beautiful debutante comes to his home to plead for her dandified beau’s life. He decides...

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Claiming His Desert Princess - Hot Arabian Nights #4

Claiming His Desert Princess by Marguerite Kaye

CLAIMING HIS DESERT PRINCESS is the fourth book in the HOT ARABIAN NIGHTS SERIES, and it did not disappoint. This is Christopher’s story, along with Princess Tahira, and their chemistry was immediate. Although they both had secrets they didn’t feel comfortable revealing to each other, the reader gets to know them a little at a...

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Scandal at the Christmas Ball: A Governess for Christmas\Dancing with the Duke's Heir

Scandal at the Christmas Ball

SCANDAL AT THE CHRISTMAS BALL involves two historical novels written by two different authors that are connected by the Brockmore Manor House Party, its hosts and guests once again at its core. The book is set in England in the early 1800’s during the Twelve Days of Christmas. There are the same events, locations, and...

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THE DRESS IN THE WINDOW by Sofia Grant, could have been a great read, but for me it fell short. The convoluted lives of two sisters, Peggy and Jeanne, one lost her husband and the other her fiancé to the battle fields of WWII. This is a post war story and tells of the lives...

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Someone to Wed

Someone to Wed by Mary Balogh

SOMEONE TO WED by Mary Balogh exemplifies her skills in characterization. I adored our heroine, Wren, from the very beginning, even though she was determined and overbearing. It was easy to see through her haughty behavior as a barrier she used as much as her veil. Miss Wren Heyden inherits Withington House and her uncle’s...

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The Orphan of Florence

The Orphan of Florence by Jeanne Kalogridis

THE ORPHAN OF FLORENCE is an historical novel that takes place in the late 1400’s in Florence and shows us its dark side. Other parts of Italy are mentioned but in relation to how those cities and Florence are at war. The Pope is on one side of the argument and Florence seems to be...

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