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The Sins Of Lord Lockwood

The Sins of Lord Lockwood by Meredith Duran

In Meredith Duran’s sixth novel in the RULES FOR THE RECKLESS series, an obstinate, lordly and magnetic man, Liam Devaliant, aka Lord Lockwood, returns to London with only one thing on his mind, revenge in the worst way. Retaliation for the one person who stole his life from him. Liam had wed a woman, Anna...

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A Christmas to Remember

This book is a collection of 4 historical stories, set at Christmas time, written by 4 different authors. I Will, by Lisa Kleypas, introduces the reader to man who needs to court a respectable Lady in order to please his father and be the heir apparent to his title. The Lord is the perfect example...

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Wallflower Most Wanted

In Manda Collins’ third novel in the STUDY IN SCANDAL series, a beautiful lady and an accomplished artist, Sophia Hastings, accidentally falls off a low cliff after being startled while standing too close to the edge while painting. She is rescued from her fall by an incredibly handsome reverend, Lord Benedick Lisle. But wait…they hear...

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MY FAIR LOVER by Nicole Jordan is a riveting historical romance. This is book 5 of the Legendary Lovers Series, but can be read as a standalone, which is how I read it. This is the story of Lady Katherine Wilde and Brandon Deverill. Brandon is half English and half American. He fought for the...

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Passion Favors the Bold

Georgette Frost did not dream her first adventure after growing up in a bookshop would be to dress as a boy to begin her search for fifty thousand royal sovereigns stolen from the Royal Mint. That is just where she found herself, though, when she encounters Lord Hugo Starling. Lord Hugo had been coming into...

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The Duke Meets His Match

Michael Keswick is the Duke of Cameron. He is titled, handsome, and scarred. To keep himself distracted, he takes on the care of Henry, his best friend’s son. Henry, it seems, needs a bit of advice in the area of women. This was an area Michael was familiar with and it also provided a respite...

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