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The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The King's Elite)

The Disgraceful Lord Gray by Virginia Heath

THE DISGRACEFUL LORD GRAY is the third book in THE KING’S ELITE series and it didn’t disappoint. Reuniting with those in the King’s Elite and the Invisibles as they continue to look for the head of the smuggling ring they’ve been chasing in the previous books brought me back as if I’d never left. While...

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No Other Duke But You

NO OTHER DUKE BUT YOU is the last book in the Playful Brides series. In this final story, Ms. Bowman’s novel is a comedy of mistakes at inept matchmaking attempts along with a Shakespearean play produced in secret. It stars Lady Delilah Montebank who is a matchmaker along with her friend Lucy. Although, this time...

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A Duke Changes Everything

.A DUKE CHANGES EVERYTHING by Christy Carlyle is an enlightening tale of a Duke who doesn’t want to be one and a female steward who has been raised in and loves the manor the Duke wants to destroy. The Duke, Nick Lyon, runs a gambling den in London and has been informed his older brother...

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The Duke That I Marry by Cathy Maxwell

THE DUKE THAT I MARRY by Cathy Maxwell is part of a trilogy written about three spinster heiresses but is also a great standalone book. The story concentrates on Matthew Addison, the new Duke of Camberly, and his soon to be wife, Willa Reverly, an heiress with no title but lots of money. As the...

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