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Bound for Eden

Bound for Eden by Tess LeSue

BOUND FOR EDEN by Tess LeSue is an exciting western starring a beautiful woman in trouble who disguises herself as a boy then hides in a cathouse from the men who want their gold back. Accompanied by her brother and sister, they meet a handsome man who knows both sides of this lady/boy’s personalities but...

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The Summer Wives

The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

THE SUMMER WIVES is the second book I’ve read by Beatriz Williams. Her books are richly written women’s fiction, historical in nature, and they immerse you in a different era. This book takes place on the elite Winthrop Island, set in New England, where the rich live in the summer but Portuguese fishermen and their...

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To Love A Duchess

To Love a Duchess

TO LOVE A DUCHESS is an elaborately woven historical romance novel starring a grieving lady, Duchess Suzanne Whitcomb. Suzanne is emotionally spent dealing with the aftermath of a terrible accident that took the life of her husband, the Duke of Marsley. Life is a blur but there is a ray of hope on the horizon....

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The Risk of Rogues

Captain Lord Hartley “Hart” Corry is the second son of the late Marquess of Knightford. He works as a spy for Spymaster Gregory Vyse, Baron of Fulkham. Hart arrives at his brother’s hunting lodge only to find his sister-in-law hosting a party. He is startled to discover his past love among her attendees. Hart intends...

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