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My Fake Rake

Love can blunder about a bit and bloom under false pretenses, such as in MY FAKE RAKE, which is Eva Leigh’s debut novel in The Union Of The Rakes series. It stars a gorgeous, gifted lady named Grace Wyatt. She loves the study of reptiles. She bungled her chances in her coming out season to...

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SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS, by Maya Rodale, is an engaging read. With this book the second in the  series, “Gilded Age Girls Club”, Maya Rodale delves into the gilded age in America. The late 1890’s so much was happening in America. The manufacturing age had begun. The new age of ‘royalty’ was making money from...

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The Truth Behind Their Practical Marriage (Penniless Brides of Convenience #3)

The Truth Behind Their Practical Marriage by Marguerite Kaye

Having just finished the second book in the PENNILESS BRIDES OF CONVENIENCE series, A WIFE WORTH INVESTING IN, it was nice to roll right into this last book, THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR PRACTICAL MARRIAGE. It was nice to be reunited with characters we’ve met before along with new ones. The book starts out in Florence,...

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Someone to Remember

Someone to Remember by Mary Balogh

SOMEONE TO REMEMBER is perfection. I laughed, cried, smiled, and sighed my way through this novella. It is utterly lovely, and the sweetest midlife romance. Author Mary Balogh infinitely reigns as the Regency romance queen. Charles and Matilda are enchanting together. Matilda is flawlessly designed as the suffering spinster, fussing over her aging mother, who...

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