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Home with You (A Silverlake Ranch Novel)

Home with You by Liza Kendall

HOME WITH YOU by Liza Kendall is the second book in the Silver Ranch Novels series, set inTexas. As a teenager, Rhett Braddock was sent to boarding school by his older brother after their parents died. He begged to come home to the ranch. His brother refused, feeling he was better off at boarding school...

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Maple Leaf Harvest (Mystic Creek Book 7)

Maple Leaf Harvest by Catherin Anderson

Lane Driscoll is in serious trouble. She’s heard a voice in her head since she was very young and is having horrible nightmares about a man attacking her. She wonders if she’s going crazy. However, when walking to work, she encounters the man from her dreams who tries to attack her. Frightened for her life,...

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Paws off the Boss

Paws Off the Boss by Casey Griffin

Aiden Caldwell is the CEO of a prestigious investment firm. He meets Piper when she interrupts a business meeting to deliver a singing telegram. Aiden never thought he would see her again, only to run across her at the rescue dog shelter. He cannot help but like the spunky and independent female. Dangerous mishaps happen...

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Love, Lists and Fancy Ships

LOVE, LISTS AND FANCY SHIPS is delectably dishy and deeply emotional. It stars a pretty lady, Jo Walker, who is trying to finish her bucket list before she turns thirty. She is a stewardess on a private yacht in Florida. Her best friend helps her with her bucket list and urges her to cross one...

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