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Paranormal / Futuristic

The Chosen: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Chosen by J.R. Ward

THE CHOSEN is Layla and Xcor’s book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Layla is one of the Chosen now living with the Brotherhood. Layla bore Quinn’s children during her Needing, and they are now parents to twins. As happy as Layla should be, she decidedly is not happy. Her thoughts are consumed by Xcor,...

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The Fiery Crown

The Fiery Crown by Jeffe Kennedy

The Slave King and The Queen of Flowers are now married. However, Conri and Euthalia must learn how to navigate their new alliance. Conri intends to use everything at his disposal to kill the false emperor. Euthalia strives to keep Calanthe and its people safe from both Emperor Anure and Conri’s thirst for vengeance. With...

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Lethal Game (A Ghostwalkers Novel)

Lethal Game by Christine Feehan

For fans of the Ghostwalker Series, LETHAL GAME is just as exciting as the other books in this series. I loved it! Malachai Fortunes is recuperating from injuries he received during a military operation. He severely injured his leg and is trying to recover so he is resting at a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in...

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Vendetta Road (A Torpedo Ink Novel)

Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan

VENDETTA ROAD is the story of Isaak (Ice) Kovak and Soleil Brodeur, two people who have endured horrible things in their past whose paths accidentally cross. Soleil is running away from an abusive fiance, who wants her dead. She comes across Ice while hiding in a biker bar. He is attracted to her but knows...

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