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Romantic Suspense

Born to Protect

Born to Protect by Christina Tetreault

BORN TO PROTECT, book one of the Elite Force Security series, by Christina Tetreault is a romantic suspense of reunited love. Becca Andre works for a DC senator and meets up with her old high school boyfriend, Conner Anderson, a member of Elite Force Security.  When Becca’s stepsister steals secrets from a laboratory where she...

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Contract Signed

Contract Signed by Marie Harte

CONTRACT SIGNED, by Marie Harte is the first book in the Triggerman Inc. series. A fun, fast, ultra-sexy read.I especially loved that it takes place on Bainbridge island, Washington. Elementary school teacher Adeline (Addy) Rose lives next door to the mysterious Noel Cavanaugh, a (secret) trained assassin. She’s been infatuated with Noel for the two...

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Standoff by Patricia Bradley

STANDOFF is book one in the Natches Trace Park Ranger’s Book Series, and it did not disappoint. Brooke Danvers has worked hard to become an enforcement ranger with the Natches Parkway Service. Her final ride-along is with her father, who will also swear her in. She is so excited and proud until tragedy strikes her...

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The Final Deception

The Final Deception by Heather Graham

Craig Frasier is the FBI agent responsible for catching the serial killer, The Fireman. When the man escapes, he is concerned over his fiancée Kieran’s involvement in the manhunt. Craig and his team re-visit the old case while looking into the new one. He fears they are dealing with a copycat when the homicides prove...

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