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Romantic Suspense

Don't Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice #3)

Don't Keep Silent by Elizabeth Goddard

Rae Burk’s sister-in-law is missing. As an investigative journalist, Rae can’t help but get involved with the investigation. She knows there is only a short time for a rescue before something horrible happens. She needs help though. Unfortunately, she needs help from a man she unfortunately betrayed while working on a story where he was...

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Acceptable Risk

Acceptable Risk by Lynette Eason

ACCEPTABLE RISK by Lynette Eason takes you on a roller-coaster ride that just will not slow down and let you off. Sarah Denning is an Army military journalist who is a guest speaker at a school in the Middle East. While there, she, with a group of young female students, is kidnapped. Her father is...

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Looking for a Cowboy

Looking for a Cowboy by Donna Grant

Cooper Owens has made a name for himself on the rodeo circuit for calf roping. He yearns to find his direction in life. Cooper believes he has found it with Marlee Frampton, yet the beautiful out-of-towner suspects his friend of a nefarious crime. He and his friends offer to help Marlee with her missing newborn...

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Silent Shadows

Silent Shadows by Natalie Walters

SILENT SHADOWS by Natalie Walters is the third in the Harbored Secrets series. It is a standalone book. I hadn’t read the first two books and found I could follow the story fine. Nurse Pecca Gallegos relocates to Walton, Georgia, to work at Home for Heroes. She has left her dangerous past behind her to...

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