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Now and Then Friends

Kate Hewitt is a new-to-me author and I enjoyed this story set in England and the countryside around. It is interesting to read the different dialects of the country versus the city. Rachel Campbell and Claire West had definitely qualified as unlikely friends, but from the moment they were six-years-old, Rachel had fallen into the...

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Happy Ever After in Christmas

With everyone around her falling in love, Deputy Jill Flaherty is approaching thirty and facing a life of spinsterhood. So she plans to take steps to make her dreams come true once and for all. Jill enjoys her job, but she longs for a husband and children. But there is only one man she wants...

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Riverbend Road

RIVERBEND ROAD by RaeAnne Thayne brings us back to Haven Point and its small town niceties. A welcoming community, Haven Point is a great place for newcomers. The main characters outdo themselves this time by helping a woman and her children find a place to belong after they’ve been living in fear. Easily read as...

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The Choices We Make

THE CHOICES WE MAKE by Karma Brown is a story full of love, but it’s not in the typical romance novel format. I think it’s better described as women’s fiction with family development at a crossroads. There are two couples in love, but this book is more about friendship as well as how life swirls...

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