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Perfect for You

Perfect For You by Candis Terry

It was great to be back at the Sunshine Valley Vineyard with the Kincade siblings in book two of Candis Terry’s series, PERFECT FOR YOU. There was great continuity to the story from book one in the series, A BETTER MAN, and the flow of the story line was quick and on point. This is...

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Wishing For Us: A Danvers Novel

Wishing For Us by Sydney Landon

Lydia Cross wakes up to a pounding headache and upset stomach. She literally falls out of bed in her rush to get to the bathroom. As she is worshipping the porcelain throne, she hears a voice whispering soothingly to her. She quickly realizes it belongs to Jacob Hay, the man she has been fantasizing about the...

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any time, any place

any time any place by Jennifer Probst

In ANY TIME, ANY PLACE by Jennifer Probst, Dalton Pierce is in lust. While visiting a local bar, he sees a woman who heats his blood in a way he hasn’t experienced in a long time. He can’t help but visit the bar every night, hoping to get her attention and make his move. The...

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An Avalon Valentine

An Avalon Valentine by Darien Gee

AN AVALON VALENTINE was a pleasant surprise, and Darien Gee is a new-to-me author. While not listed as a series, there are other books set in Avalon, and I look forward to reading them as well.  FRIENDSHIP BREAD, THE AVALON LADIES SCRAPBOOKING SOCIETY, and AN AVALON CHRISTMAS have all been added to my always growing...

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Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe Magic by Dilys J. Carnie

Fifty-nine pages of pure bliss and lots of emotions are my thoughts on Dilys J. Carnie’s MISTLETOE MAGIC. Set at Christmas with children who live at Holly’s parents’ house when they need temporary care gives this story an emotional twist. Noah as Santa does a great job, especially when Holly asks Santa for a naughty night...

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A Perfect Christmas

A Perfect Christmas by Dilys J. Carnie

A PERFECT CHRISTMAS by Dilys J. Carnie was a quick read at only sixty-one pages.   Set in Scotland, one of the places on my bucket list, was unexpected. This is Skye and Callum’s story, and while they have a past from ten years before, they never expected to cross paths again. The story takes...

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