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Mystic Horseman

Mystic Horseman by Kathleen Eagle

MYSTIC HORSEMAN by Kathleen Eagle is a contemporary western romance featuring Lakota Sioux Dillon Black, best friend of Nicholas Red Shield from book one, RIDE A PAINTED PONY. Dillon’s love for his daughter and wild horses give him an idea for a horse camp for wayward youth. When their grant is denied, will their dream...

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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino

WISH YOU WERE HERE by Renee Carlino is the type of book that sucks you right in. Especially if you’re a Lavern and Shirley fan. Best friend humor drew me in while Charlotte and Helen party one night after work. When they meet a cute guy who seems lost, Helen can’t help but encourage her...

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When the Stars Come Out

Willa Brown has been hiding from her past for the last few years of her life. She ends up in Cottonbloom, working at the Abbot brothers’ garage. She grew up working with her father in his garage, so she knows her way around. The brothers are impressed with her skills. Willa has never known comfort...

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Falling in Love With You

Falling in Love With You by Kathy Coatney

An emotional read from start to finish, FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU is the second book in the FALLING IN LOVE SERIES. There were lots of tears and sadness but laughter and happiness too on this roller coaster ride of friendships, family, hardships, illness and love. We are taken from the present to the past...

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Bad to the Bone

Trace Bancroft returns to Bitter Bark, North Carolina, a changed man. When his dog Meatball falls ill, he has no other recourse but to bring him to the best veterinarian in town. Trace discovers the unescapable repercussion of his one night with Molly Kilcannon fourteen years ago – a daughter who does not know him....

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The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

THE WEDDING DATE is Jasmine Guillory’s debut novel, and it was playful and full of love, friendship, and angst. Imagine someone you get stuck in an elevator with invites you to be their date for a wedding he’s dreading attending and you surprisingly say yes, despite just having met them in said elevator. That’s the...

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