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Old Dog New Tricks

Widower Dr. Daniel Kilcannon is a retired veterinarian who owns the largest canine rescue and training facility in North Carolina. He is affectionately known as the Dogfather. An old girlfriend returns to town and turns his life topsy-turvy. Daniel plans to unite their families in order to prepare for their future. Will Daniel open his...

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Tumble (Dogwood Lane)

Tumble by Adriana Locke

TUMBLE, book 1 in the DOGWOOD LANE series, is a second chance at romance story. The characters of Dane and Neely were friends growing up in the small town of Dogwood Lane, Tennessee, and dated once they were older. They broke up before she went off to college because he didn’t want to hold her...

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Mending Fences

Suzanne Woods Fisher’s talent shines in this brilliant story of restitution in MENDING FENCES. It stars a handsome guy, Luke Schrock, a recovering alcoholic and a mischievous smartypants. He is discharged from a local rehab center and returns to his hometown, Stoney Ridge, upon advice from his counselor. He boards at Windmill Farm, owned by...

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The (Half) Truth

The Half Truth by Leddy Harper

THE (HALF) TRUTH by Leddy Harper is a quick read, but some of the characters are not to my liking. Tatum and Kelsey are best friends, but Kelsey doesn’t always seem to have Tatum’s best interests at heart. She gives her backhanded compliments and slight digs while also giving her ultimatums and often poor advice....

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