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Love Me Again

Love Me Again by Jaci Burton

LOVE ME AGAIN is the 7th book in the Hope series. Loretta Simmons returns to her hometown of Hope, Oklahoma to give her daughter the childhood she dreams of. Loretta’s ex-husband is focused on his political ambitions and has no time to be a father, unless it is for a photo shoot to help his...

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Honor Levinson is an eighty-year-old independent woman who values her privacy. When she falls down the stairs in her home and ends up in the hospital with a broken hip, she realizes she needs help. Her widowed daughter-in-law, Jo, and her only granddaughter, Lydia, are the only family she has, so she turns to them...

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In Your Arms, A For Your Love Novel, Book 2

Prepare to be amazed as a handsome, rugged man sweeps a damsel in distress off her feet and onto his motorcycle in the story, IN YOUR ARMS. Emma, an energetic kindergarten teacher, is about to blow her top. Her day at work was not the best and now she’s stranded on the side of road....

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Garrett Kilcannon comes from a large, dog-orientated Irish family. He jumps whole-heartedly into establishing the dream his widowed father has for Waterford Farm. Garrett trusts dogs more than he does people. Finally content with his life, he wants to keep his past buried, however Jessie Curtis threatens to expose them. Garrett offers Jessie a compromise:...

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Trouble When You Walked In

Trouble When You Walked In by Kieran Kramer

TROUBLE WHEN YOU WALKED IN by Kieran Kramer has a cute premise of a meek librarian set to defend her library’s move to a strip mall and become a county library. Boone, the town’s current mayor for the last ten years and the part-time high school football coach, is all for the move due to...

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Back To Your Love

Back to Your Love by Kianna Alexander

Xaviar Whitted has worked hard all his life. He is devoted to giving back to the community and helping at-risk kids. He enjoys his life and hopes to run for political office so he can reach more people with his public service. The only thing missing in his life is love. He married and divorced...

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