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A GhostWalker Novel: Toxic Game

The GHOST WALKER series continues with another heart pounding tale of action, adventure and romance in the jungles of Indonesia. Two ghost walkers find a love they never thought they could have with each other and will soon wonder if they are facing certain death. Dr. Draden Freeman has spent his life doing many things....

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It's in His Forever

It's in His Forever by Shelly Alexander

At one-hundred and four pages, IT’S IN HIS FOREVER, book 5 in the RED RIVER VALLEY series, was quick paced. It had many of the characters we’ve met before in the other books in the series, which only left me wanting more. Although I’ve only read two of the other books in the series, IT’S...

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The Wrong Cowboy to Love (Tumbling Creek Ranch #3)

The Wrong Cowboy to Love by Paty Jager

THE WRONG COWBOY TO LOVE is a continuation of the TUMBLING CREEK RANCH series, and I was happy to be back with characters I’ve met before. Ruby and Dillon have sparks the minute they meet and connect on so many levels, even though they don’t seem to have much in common. She’s a tech whiz...

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In Dog We Trust

In Dog We Trust by Beth Kendrick

The story about a young woman becoming guardian to three dogs who inherit the estate of their deceased owner caught my attention. What an interesting premise for a story.   Jocelyn was totally shocked when she was named guardian for three champion Labrador Retrievers. She had been working as their dog walker for several months.  However,...

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