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The Summer of Good Intentions

THE SUMMER OF GOOD INTENTIONS is a tale of three grown sisters, and their families, brought together for a family vacation at Cape Cod. Maggie and Jess are twins who can usually read one another’s thoughts. Maggie is the organizer whose family gets to Cape Cod first to open and air out the summer house....

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Don't Tempt Me

DON’T TEMPT ME (GUTHRIE BROTHERS #1) is a contemporary romance that has a lot of depth to it – both to the storylines and the characters.  Honor, new neighbor to the Guthries – Jason, his brother Hogan and Hogan’s son, Colt, was overwhelmed upon meeting them with her best friend, Lexie, at her side since she’s...

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Cody's Come Home

Cody Jordan has just moved back to Accord, Colorado, after the death of his son and his divorce. Cody is asleep when he is awakened by a banging on the door. He is confused about where he is, but finally gets his mind clear enough to go downstairs to see who is there. What he...

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Cowboy in Charge

Layne Slater has been through two marriages, leaving her with two children to raise. At one time, she thought her dreams had come true when she wed her longtime love, her first husband Jason, but he was away from home so much with the rodeo. Finally, she threw him out after he chose the rodeo...

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