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Under the Surface

Under the Surface by Anne Calhou

I was excited to read UNDER THE SURFACE, a new contemporary romance by Anne Calhoun. It did not disappoint! While it took a few chapters to get invested in the story, after that point I found myself picking up the book whenever I had a spare moment, wanting to see what would be next for Eve and...

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From Kiss to Queen

Jane Abbot is a simple woman with few friends, a primarily solitary lifestyle and serious survival skills which is why she is present when a small plane crashes into a local pond. Instinct kicked in and she dove in to the frigid water to save the pilot, gifting him with a lifesaving kiss (allowing him...

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Home on Apple Blossom Road

After her mother became sick, Mia was taken in by Grandma Justine, who was her mom’s best friend, and her family. Although they were not blood relations, the family became Mia’s when her mom passed away and her loser father took off. She and Justine’s grandson Colin had become inseparable and he became her hero....

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Take Me, Cowboy

What’s a girl to do when her brothers bet her she can’t get a date for the town’s annual charity event? Well, she consults her best friend, who happens to be seriously sexy, for advice and hopes he can come up with some fool proof plan to help her win the bet. What Anna doesn’t...

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