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Her Enemy at the Altar

This book is an historical fiction and is a quick read with lots of turmoil and angst.  Set in London and England in 1815 it is Aaron and Constance’s story.  Their families whom live on neighboring farms have been involved in a feud for three hundred years.  When Aaron unintentionally compromises Connie things go from...

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The House Between Tides

Reminiscent of the Gothics of the 1970s, THE HOUSE BETWEEN TIDES by Sarah Maine takes the reader on a stimulating stroll through two time periods, igniting the senses with a classic mysterious aura. The moodiness of the location easily placed my mind on holiday in the past while unraveling the mystery in the present. It...

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The Highlander

Philomena “Mena” St. Vincent assumes a new identity to escape her abusive husband. Liam MacKenzie is haunted by the sins of his past and the cruel father who had shaped him into the man known as the Demon Highlander. Will Philomena find safety with the Demon Highlander? Can Liam control the demon within to protect...

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His Scandalous Kiss

After being tortured and disfigured during the war, Richard Heartly has exiled himself for the past five years, only living to avenge a terrible betrayal. The only members of his family who know he is alive are his brother Spencer and their father. A masked ball at Thorncliff Manor gives Richard the opportunity to get...

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