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Paranormal / Futuristic

Covert Game

Covert Game by Christine Feehan

In Christine Feehan’s latest installment in her Ghostwalkers Series, Zara Hightower and Gino Mazza fight the good fight. COVERT GAME brings back many of the team, including the gang in Louisiana, and uses that Ghostwalker family to take on some very bad guys. Gino is intrigued by the woman they’re sent to rescue from a...

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Baby I’m Howling For You

Baby I'm Howling for You by Christine Warren

Christine Warren pens another exciting paranormal tale that puts together an alpha male and his mate. What happens when you combine a secluded little town, an alpha wolf and a woman on the run? The answers can be found in BABY, I’M HOWLING FOR YOU. Renny Landry is a female wolf shifter who has come...

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Lake Silence

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

Urban fantasy at is finest and most complex. LAKE SILENCE by Anne Bishop returns readers to her world of the Others, where the Terra Indigene rule the world. Humans must follow the Others’ laws or face their judgement. And there are those more deadly than the vampires and shapeshifters who interact with the humans. Like...

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Burn Bright

Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs

The fifth in Patricia Briggs’ amazing Alpha and Omega series, BURN BRIGHT follows werewolf mates Charles Cornick and Anna Latham, the pack Omega, as they head to help a wild werewolf fight an ancient curse. With their alpha out of the country, it’s up to them to take care of Pack business, even when the...

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