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Paranormal / Futuristic

Good Vampires Go To Heaven

Good Vampires Go To Heaven by Sandra Hill

Witches, vampires, and vangels, oh my! In Sandra Hill’s new book, GOOD VAMPIRES GO TO HEAVEN, Zeb, a smokin’ vampire demon, is rescued from prison hell by a red-hot mama, Regina, a multi-talented vangel witch. She brings with her three zany cohorts in crime in this last novel in the DEADLY ANGEL series. Zebulan, a...

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The White Spell

The White Spell by Lynn Kurland

Acair of Ceangail is the illegitimate son of the Nine Kingdom’s most notorious black mage. He atones for his misdeeds by agreeing to go without his magic for an entire year. Grudgingly, Acair takes employment as a stable hand until the return of his magic. He notices the strangeness in the stables, especially the flame-haired...

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Royce and Billie

Royce and Billie by Marisa Chenery

In Marisa Chenery’s third book in her Wulf’s Den series, ROYCE AND BILLIE, after getting a call from her sister-in-law to track down her brother, Billie York heads to Wulf’s Den to drag his drunken butt back home. Finding him is easy due to her gift of being able to find anyone. Having Royce Larrsson...

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Wade and Taryn

Wade and Taryn by Marisa Chenery

In the second book of Marisa Chenery’s Wulf’s Den series, WADE AND TARYN, Taryn Davies has not had it easy in life. Her mother’s died when she was a child. She was involved in a controlling and ultimately abusive relationship. And finally, her beloved uncle died. Now she is determined to make the vineyard that...

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Pack Enforcer

Pack Enforcer by Crissy Smith

In Crissy Smith’s PACK ENFORCER, the second book in the Were Chronicles series, adventure and romance waits. Being called home due to attacks on pack females outside of pack territory was not the way that Emily Black thought her day would go. Yet she is willing, even if begrudgingly, to go because it would ease...

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Pack Alpha

Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith

In Crissy Smith’s PACK ALPHA, the first in her Were Chronicles series, Marissa Boyd knows heartache. It’s almost all she has ever known. Her parents didn’t want her because of her status as a non-shifter. Her pack kicked her out when she was eighteen and forced her to live on her own. And her relationship...

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