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Romantic Suspense

Down a Dark Road

Kate Burkholder was born and raised Amish, but at age eighteen she left her family and her religion behind. Kate is now Chief of Police in an Ohio county in the town of Painters Mill. Eight years ago, Joseph King was convicted of killing his wife and sentenced to life in prison. Joseph is a...

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Under Fire: A Love Over Duty Novel

Under Fire by Scarlett Cole

Dr. Louisa (Lou) North is a genius. She is working hard to create a treatment for those suffering from Huntington Disease. However, her research has inadvertently taken her in a direction that results in the creation of a serum that could be used as a bio-weapon against people if it falls into the wrong hands....

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Gone To Dust

Gone to Dust by Liliana Hart

In Liliana Hart’s GONE TO DUST, Miller Darling is a very successful romance writer who does not believe in romance. She is passionate about her writing but thinks the whole happily-ever-after thing is a crock. Her parents followed their own passions searching for historical artifacts, which left them with little time for their two children....

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The Darkest Corner

The Darkest Corner by Liliana Hart

Deacon Tucker is dead to the world. That is what he agreed to when he was recruited to be a Gravedigger. He is a member of a strike force for a covert organization so secret that even the President does not know of its existence. He and his team are from the elite in military...

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Wired by Julie Garwood

WIRED by Julie Garwood is a suspense novel featuring Allison Trent, hacker, model and software programmer, and Liam Scott, an FBI agent who has a leak and needs Allison to find it. She does, relatively quickly, perhaps too much so for the story. As a result of finding the leak, Allison attracts an enemy within...

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Enforcing The Paw

Enforcing the Paw by Diane Kelly

In Diane Kelly’s new novel in the PAW ENFORCEMENT SERIES called ENFORCING THE PAW, two ticked-off ex-lovers veer into abusive territory when one takes a walk on the sinister stalker side. It is up to top notch police officer Megan Luz and her trusty pawkick, police dog Brigit, to solve this prickly pickle puzzle of...

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