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Romantic Suspense

Ride Rough

Maverick Rylan is the vice-president of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. He builds custom motorcycles for a living. Maverick’s past love re-enters his life when a bruised Alexa Harmon flees to the Raven Rider’s clubhouse for assistance. He recognizes the tell-tale signs of an abusive relationship. Maverick helps Alexa realize her fiancé’s true nature. He...

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Her Secret

Hannah Hilty and her family moved to Hart County, Kentucky, after a stalker went too far taking pictures of Hannah. Leaving the Amish community she grew up in was hard, but she is trying to make a new life. She is afraid to go out of the house and is trying to get past being...

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Trigger Yappy

Trigger Yappy by Diana Orgain

TRIGGER YAPPY by Diana Orgain is a delightful new cozy mystery starring romping puppies, an amateur gumshoe, beautiful Maggie Patterson, and a twisty mystery that will guarantee sleepless nights. Maggie, sleuth extraordinaire, gets into trouble putting her nosy nose where it doesn’t belong. Her sister, Rachel, is sick and in the hospital, so Maggie fills...

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The Devils Triangle (A Brit In The FBI Book 4)

The Devils Triangle by Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison

This is another exciting adventure for the Covert Eyes team.   THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison merges fantasy and reality. Special Agents Drummond and Caine are called in to help Kitsune, known as The Fox, an international thief they both would like to capture. The Fox is a master of disguise, and...

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Blindsight - Psychic Agents Series Book 1

Blindsight by Sarah Raplee

BLINDSIGHT is the author’s debut novel and the first book in her PSYCHIC AGENTS SERIES.  I look forward to reading more books in this series which is in the genre of romantic suspense something I don’t read enough of. BLINDSIGHT had a lot of action and adventure with FBI Agents that are part of a Psychic...

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Explosive Forces - K-9 Rescue #5

EXPLOSIVE FORCES is the first book I’ve read in the K-9 RESCUE SERIES but it won’t be my last. I need to read the first four books in the series, IRRESISTIBLE FORCE, FORCE OF ATTRACTION, PRIMAL FORCE AND RIVAL FORCES.  All have been added to my always growing TBR list including the next book in the...

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