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Romantic Suspense

Ride Wild

Sam “Slider” Evans works as a mechanic for an auto body and repair shop. Emotionally-wrecked, he only exists for his two young sons. Cora’s influence helps Slider reengage with his Raven Riders brethren and the world. His sons’ prodding persuades him to hire Cora as their full-time, live-in nanny. Slider cannot help but fall in...

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Death, Taxes, And A Shot Gun Wedding

Screech…yikes! In DEATH, TAXES, AND A SHOT GUN WEDDING, I.R.S. Special agent extraordinaire Tara Holloway is nearly run over on her way to the mailbox. Quite possibly, someone is out to kill her. But who? Stunning, tenacious Tara has racked up many enemies while working as an I.R.S Special agent. Rats! This angers her because...

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Blind Date

Blind Date by Bella Jewel

Hartley lost her husband four years ago and is finally starting to get her life back on track. Her best friend decides it’s time for her to get back into the dating scene and pushes her into going on three blind dates, hoping she’ll meet a nice man.   Ace Jacobson is the homicide detective...

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Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit by Julie Ann Walker

Former SAS officer Christian Watson works as an operator for Black Knights Inc. After their mission goes AWOL, he wants nothing more than to leave his homeland, but Christian’s past foils his plans. What is worse, the bossy and vexing Emily Scott refuses to leave him alone until she learns his secrets. When their enemies...

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Monsters In The Closet

Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose

In Karen Rose’s MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET, Taylor Dawson grew up believing her biological father was a horrible monster who attacked her mother and wanted to kill her. She has been in hiding since she was a small child, but upon her mother’s death, she learns that the story she grew up believing was untrue....

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Look Behind You

Kendra Michaels was blind the first twenty years of her life. After a revolutionary surgical procedure, she gained her sight and now uses her acute powers of observation to assist agencies with cases all over the country. A serial killer has hit San Diego with an unusual MO. At every kill site, the perp leaves...

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