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Romantic Suspense

Say You're Sorry (Sacramento Series Book 1)

Say You're Sorry by Karen Rose

There is no way you can pick up a Karen Rose book, begin reading, and put it down before you reach the end. SAY YOU’RE SORRY is an exciting thriller that grabs you immediately and doesn’t let you go.   There is a serial killer running loose in Sacramento, California. Victims of this killer die horrible...

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Stone Cold Heart

Stone Cold Heart by Laura Griffin

If you are a fan of The Tracers book series, STONE COLD HEART is just as exciting as all the other books. This was such an exciting read! Sara Lockhart is a forensic anthropologist whose help is requested by police Detective Nolan Hess to look at bones found inside a park. Noah believes the bones...

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Murder At The Mill

Murder at the Mill by M.B. Shaw

M.B Shaw’s magnificent murder mystery, MURDER AT THE MILL, first book in series, contains more snakes than in a hen house. It stars a fashionable, alluring portrait artist named Iris Grey. Iris’s marriage is disintegrating and is depressed. So, she decides to distance herself and lease a cottage at Mill House. The cottage is part...

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Whack The Mole (Whispering Bay Mystery Book 2)

Whack the Mole by Maria Geraci

WHACK THE MOLE was so much fun to read. Lucy McGuffin makes the best cupcakes in Whispering Bay. She also has a unique ability that lets her know when someone is lying to her. This results in her getting in trouble by wanting to know why they were lying. Her curiosity knows no bounds. Now...

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