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Romantic Suspense

Secrets and Lies

After the death of her parents, Ariel Martin met and married her husband. She thought it would last a lifetime and she even went along with his extravagant lifestyle. But he left her for someone else. Shortly afterwards, she discovered she was pregnant. But when she told him, he threatened to get rid of the...

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Criminal investigator Paige was so intent on capturing the Moonlight Strangler that it ruined her marriage. On the day her divorce became final the Moonlight Strangler caught up with her and “killed” her. Though she barely survived, bearing scars from the attack, she feared for her ex-husband and their young son, Matthew, so she faked...

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Gone Too Deep

Gone Too Deep by Katie Ruggle

I. Loved. This. Book!  The third novel in the Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue series, GONE TOO DEEP can easily stand on its own. The mystery from the first book continues to play through this third novel, and the tension builds. This book is so far my favorite, mostly because I fell in love with...

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Death, Taxes and a Satin Garter

Death Taxes and a Satin Garter by Diane Kelly

At five foot-two, IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway, with outstanding marksmanship and the ability to kick butt, is a force to be reckoned with. She is brought in after other attempts to collect a tax debt have failed. But this time, not only does Tara have to handle her caseload; she is maid of honor...

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