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Romantic Suspense


Satisfaction by Lexi Blake

Brandon ‘Lang’ Lawless, along with his siblings, has a lifelong mission to make the people responsible for their parents’ deaths pay for their crimes. The plan has hit a small snag. It seems Brandon’s opposed to putting their target, Patricia Cain’s, personal assistant, Carly Hendricks, in harm’s way– and he has no doubt that anyone...

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Deceived by Kate Serine

In DECEIVED by Kate Serine, Sarah Scoffield’s life is filled with secrets and lies. Sarah is healing from the death of her husband and raising her eleven year old son, Eli, alone. She loves her new job as a first grade teacher, living in a small town. Life is slowly starting to settle down for...

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Above The Paw

Above the Paw Diane Kelly

Perspiring and melting, Police Officer Megan Luz, a beautiful and tenacious lady, is patrolling a hot Fourth of July festival with her trusty sidekick, Brigit, K-9 clue sniffing extraordinaire. They are keeping the fair safe for all the attendees. Only evil lurks nearby… When a girl collapses at the fair and hospital tests show she...

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For Maggie's Sake

Maggie Chazez’s life has become a nightmare. Grant, her deceased husband’s, journals make it appear that she was aware of his crocked dealings so she’s now on the radar of the law abiding police as well as a drug lord interested in getting to her before she can rat out everything she knows. Unfortunately for...

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