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The Lord Pretender

The Lord Pretender by Sawyer North

Emma Watts is the daughter of a disgraced baron. She vows vengeance on the group responsible for her late father’s fall from grace. Emma intends to find incriminating dirt on the members of the Promethean, a gentlemen’s club that caters to nobility. The first person on her list is Simon Pike, the Earl of Blackburn....

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The Nature of Fragile Things

The Nature of Fragile Things by Susan Meissner

THE NATURE OF FRAGILE THINGS is historical fiction with some romance thrown in. It is set mainly in the San Francisco area. The1906 earthquakes and resulting fires serve as the backdrop for a lot of the story. Filled with emotions and danger, due to the earthquakes and destruction, the characters are multidimensional. Everything and everyone...

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Something In The Heir

SOMETHING IN THE HEIR is a charming comedy of errors with some fluffy romance too. It stars brilliant, beautiful heiress Emmeline and politically, poised William Pershing. They are childhood friends that enter into a marriage of convenience, so Emmie can reside in her beloved childhood home, Winnover Hall. Her crusty old Grandfather stipulates that she...

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Our Last Days in Barcelona

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton

OUR LAST DAYS IN BARCELONA is historical fiction set in both 1936 and 1964. The story happens in Barcelona, Havana, Florida, and New York at different times. The book centers around Isabel and her mother, Alicia. The story is told by different people in different time periods and could be confusing and choppy at times....

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