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Who Wants to Marry a Duke

Who Wants to Marry a Duke by Sabrina Jeffries

Marlowe Drake is the current Duke of Thornstock. He harbors a secret, even from his family. Thorn and his half-brothers investigate the suspicious deaths of their fathers. He suspects the chemist his older brother hires because of their shared past. Thorn never imagined he and Olivia would meet again. Someone wants to keep the past...

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Forever My Duke

Forever My Duke by Olivia Drake

FOREVER MY DUKE by Olivia Drake is the second installment of Olivia Drake’s Unlikely Duchesses series. I enjoyed this book because the characters were unusual. Hadrian Ames, the Duke of Clayton, needs a bride and believes he will honor his dead father’s wishes by wedding the daughter of his guardian—a mere child of eighteen years....

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When You Wish Upon a Rogue

When You Wish Upon a Rogue by Anna Bennett

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A ROGUE by Anna Bennett embodies the empowerment of women and the attitudes of both British society and the British male. This is the story of Sophie and her getting married. Sophie is the last of a three-girl friendship that started in boarding school and has continued through two marriages, with...

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A Good Duke is Hard to Find

A Good Duke Is Hard to Find by Christina Britton

A GOOD DUKE IS HARD TO FIND is the first book in the ISLE OF SYNNE series, and I am looking forward to reading more. The characters have depth, the story lines are woven together skillfully, and the author knows how to tell a great tale. Lenora doesn’t have luck with love. Her father is...

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