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Romantic Suspense

Present Danger

Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

PRESENT DANGER by Elizabeth Goddard is a romantic suspense and book 1 of the Rocky Mountain Courage series. Former FBI special agent Jack Tanner returns to his hometown in Montana, taking a job as a detective to be closer to his Aunt Nadine, who’s showing early signs of dementia.  US Forest Service Special Agent Terra...

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Murder At Sunrise Lake

Murder at Sunrise Lake by Christine Feehan

Stella Harrison lives a quiet life running a resort in the mountains. She is still recovering from a horrible incident that occurred several years ago and only wants to live in peace. However, she has begun to have dreams about people around her dying. The last time she had these horrible dreams, they came true...

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The Escape

The Escape by Lisa Harris

Madison James and Jonas Quinn are United States Marshalls, and their jobs require them to locate and apprehend fugitives. They are on a plane transporting two prisoners, one who is extremely dangerous, when something disastrous happens and the plane crashes.   Miraculously, they have survived the crash but discover the more dangerous of the two prisoners,...

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Dial A For Aunties

DIAL A FOR AUNTIES is a madcap comic mystery starring Meddelin Chan, a pretty girl who unexpectedly zaps her blind date into oblivion. Her mother, along with her nosy, interfering Asian aunties fix things, sort of. Working around an Asian curse, the aunties sass back and forth, trying to outdo each other, as to the...

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