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Entangled (The Accidental Billionaires)

Entangled by JS Scott

ENTANGLED is the second book in the ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES series, and it did not disappoint. It’s a second chance romance, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!  We’re back with the California Sinclairs. This is Aiden and Skye’s story and it’s told by each of them a chapter at a time. Fast-paced...

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Unbroken Cowboy (A Gold Valley Novel)

Unbroken Cowboy by Maisey Yates

UNBROKEN COWBOY takes us back to Gold Valley, Oregon and is the fifth book in the GOLD VALLEY series. It was nice to be reunited with characters we’ve met before and returned to the winery and the Get Out of Dodge dude-ranch. This is Dane and Beatrix’s (Bea) story, and it didn’t disappoint. She’s loved...

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The Promise of Us (Sanctuary Sound)

The Promise of Us by Jamie Beck

THE PROMISE OF US is the second book in the SANCTUARY SOUND series, and I can’t wait for more. This book picks up where THE MEMORY OF YOU leaves off, and it was like I’d never left Sanctuary Sound. The story is set in Connecticut, where I’ve lived for 47 years. The author nailed the...

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One Summer in Paris

One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan

ONE SUMMER IN PARIS takes us from Connecticut to London and to Paris with Grace and Audrey at the core of the book. Chapters are told from each of their perspectives, alternating a chapter apiece.  Grace and Audrey’s lives are in turmoil. Grace, whose twenty-fifth anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day, has her romantic dinner plans...

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