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James Brannigan is the oldest out of seven sons. He runs a billion-dollar hedge fund called Brannigan Capital Management. After the death of his father, James learns he inherited a two-hundred-year-old winery in Italy. He wonders what possessed his father to leave him a winery as a legacy. James travels to Italy to view the...

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Gift of a Lifetime

Ryo normally enjoys his job at the Crooked Paintbrush – encouraging others artistic endeavors, meeting other people, and earning a paycheck for doing so.   However, when one wanna-be artist becomes disgruntled because he’s not the next Picasso, and Ryo’s teaching can’t transform him into one, it becomes clear that it’s going to be a sad...

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What a great first novel of “The Sacred Women’s Circle” series! Judith Ashley’s LILY caught my attention in the first chapter and held it tight until the last page. I found the characters interesting and well-developed. It was nice seeing the supportive bond among the group of women in Lily’s sacred circle, and to realize...

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AN AMISH FAMILY CHRISTMAS is the fourth book set in Charm, Ohio, which is about the Kinsinger siblings trying to find forgiveness in the midst of family tragedy. Levi Kinsinger is the youngest sibling in his family and after his father dies in a fire, he has felt adrift. He left his home and moved...

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