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Zoe Westin is a fire captain’s daughter who has come back to Fairview, Virginia, after becoming a chef, to run a soup kitchen in a sketchy part of town. She knows her father doesn’t like what she is doing but she will give it her all to prove she can make a success of it....

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Trouble Walks In

Real estate agent Maddy Morgan hasn’t been back to her hometown since losing her firefighter boyfriend Rick over a year ago. Rick was killed on the job and his death left her devastated. She will soon have to return to her hometown to act as maid of honor for her best friend Jordan’s wedding. But...

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Hearth Song

Bravura Lambert has a five-year-old autistic daughter to raise, as well as just becoming the proud owner of a farm and a construction company. Dane is her absentee-husband most of the time, working in the oilfields until he needs some money, then he comes home to see his wife and child. When Dane comes home...

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His Kind of Cowgirl

HIS KIND OF COWGIRL was a heartwarming read but had darkness and anxiety surrounding it too.  My emotions were involved throughout with tears and some chuckles.  Tanner and Claire have a past but haven’t seen each other in ten years.  When they unexpectedly meet at a crash site involving their two vehicles they’ve both gotten...

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