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Snowbound with Mr. Wrong

Lyssa Barnett could not let her sister down when she asked her to play Santa’s elf at the upcoming Christmas party, despite how badly last year turned out. As a favor to her sister, Lyssa played the same part last year and fell for Nick, the man playing Santa. They dated up until a couple...

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One Snowy Night

Rory Andrews feels bad about the way she left her family years ago at the age of seventeen. Having suffered a traumatic incident, she is trying to get her life together. Hoping to make amends, she is desperate to make it home for Christmas. Although she told her stepdad she will be there, she knows...

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Tempting Texas

Veterinarian Jenna Tucker always had a bit of a wild reputation, going from one man to another, but she wants to clean up her act, especially after being passed up for a promotion at work. After her sister finds their grandfather’s moonshine recipe and sells it to a local distillery, Jenna takes her part of...

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NO BREAKING MY HEART is the fifth novel in Kate Angell’s BAREFOOT WILLIAM series. Halo Todd is a professional baseball player who doesn’t like failure and can never turn down a challenge. When Halo runs into a woman dressed like a chicken and imploring him to be her partner on a game show, he just...

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