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Now and Then Friends

Now and Then Friends by Kate Hewitt

NOW AND THEN FRIENDS (HARTLEY-BY-THE-SEA #2) had a lot of darkness surrounding it.  It’s told in turn by long-ago friends, Rachel and Claire, from their perspective. Rachel, who took over her mother’s cleaning  business years ago when her mother broke her back, is the one who’s holding her family together after her dad left them. Or...

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Rookie Move

Rookie Move is the first book in a sports (hockey) romance series featuring characters we briefly met in the author’s previous works. This series is a spinoff though and can completely stand alone from The Ivy Years. Six years ago, Leo Trevi was in love with his long term girlfriend, Georgia Worthington, when she broke...

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A Cowboy Christmas Miracle

The feud between the Gallaghers and the Brennans has been going on for over a hundred years and headstrong Betsy Gallagher is tired of the whole thing. It is even interfering with her favorite holiday. There will be no Christmas program at the church this year due to the feud. To make matters worse, Betsy’s...

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Like a Bee to Honey

In a Wisconsin Amish community, the three Christner girls live with their aunt and are affectionately dubbed THE HONEYBEE SISTERS because they make their living with the hives of honeybees on their property, extracting the honey and selling it. As the youngest Christner girl, Rose’s past has left her afraid of everything. Her sisters are...

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