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The Life She Wants


THE LIFE SHE WANTS by Robyn Carr is about two best friends who end up estranged for sixteen years. It is a story of heartache, friendship and life lessons learned. Emma Shay Compton thought she came from poor beginnings and she ended up married to a wealthy older man. She lived the life of a...

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Merry Cowboy Christmas

When Fiona Logan left Dry Creek and her home, known as Audrey’s Place, she swore she’d never come back for anything more than a visit. After college, she joined a law firm in Houston and one year later, she married the son of the firm’s senior partner. Everything seemed to be going her way, but...

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Twisted Up

Fire Chief Avery Sparks also serves as head of emergency management in her hometown of Chance, Nebraska. She is usually very efficient, keeping order and always staying on top of things. But the one thing she can’t get a handle on is her feelings for Jake, her first boyfriend, who also became her first lover...

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FEARLESS by Kimberly Kincaid is the second book in the Rescue Squad series. A great book about controversy in the work place. Firefighter Cole Everett focuses his life on being the best he can be. Station Eight is a close knit group of men who have had each other’s backs for years. When Cole is...

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