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Sheikh's Mail-Order Bride

When I was asked by the author if I’d like to read book two in her HOT ARABIAN NIGHTS SERIES I jumped at the chance and I was not disappointed.  While the premise is similar – an Englishwoman meets up with a prince in Arabia – the book diverges from there.  Kadar and Constance feel an...

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A Reckless Promise

A RECKLESS PROMISE (THE LITTLE SEASON #3) is an historical romance set in France and England in the early 1800’s that once again takes some liberties by putting Darby and Sadie Grace together over and over again without the use of a chaperone.  It was nice to be reunited with characters I’ve met in her first...

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A Reckless Desire

A Reckless Desire by Isabella Bradford

A RECKLESS DESIRE is a page turner. Isabella Bradford penned a wonderfully unique story for this third book in the Breconridge Brothers series. It is a standalone book and can be read out of order. Rivers and Lucia’s story is filled with humor, drama, and passion. Lord Rivers Fitzroy sequesters himself in academic pursuits and...

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Chasing Lady Amelia

Chasing Lady Amelia by Maya Rodale

Lady Amelia Cavendish and her siblings, James, Bridget and Claire were born in America, where they also grew up. But now that James has inherited the Duke of Durham title, they are residing in England. With the siblings unused to English ways, the Duchess of Durham has taken them under her wings, with plans to...

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Why Do Dukes Fall In Love

Edwina’s marriage was not built on love. Still, now that her husband is dead, she discovers that, despite eight years of marriage, she and her young daughter Gertrude have been left with nothing. Up until the last year of their marriage, Edwina’s husband allowed her to handle the accounts that weren’t that important. But as...

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One Red Rose

One Red Rose by Julie Garwood

ONE RED ROSE is a great summer read that includes matchmaking high jinks, witty humor and unpredictable, scary situations and it is refreshingly quick in length.  Dishy, dashing Adam Clayborne gets the crap scared out of him. Late one night he arrives home and enters his dark bedroom and lays down on his bed, promptly...

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