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Someone to Care

Someone to Care by Mary Balogh

Mary Balogh is one of the few authors who always meets my expectations. The fourth novel in the Wescott regency historical romance series, SOMEONE TO CARE by Mary Balogh, meets those expectations and exceeds them in several ways. I love Mary Balogh’s characters. They make me laugh. Their idiosyncrasies are so realistic and fun. Starting...

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If Ever I Should Love You

If Ever I Should Love You by Cathy Maxwell

IF EVER I SHOULD LOVE YOU by Cathy Maxwell is the first installment of her new Spinster Heiresses. Leonie Charnock, one of the season’s “Spinster Heiresses,” has a problem, a drinking problem. Mind you, this is in 1813, when such things as alcoholism were not openly discussed. When she was 17 years old, a terrible...

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What a Difference a Duke Makes

What a Difference a Duke Makes by Lenora Bell

Author Lenora Bell has given the reader a lovely story about a young woman, Mari, who has arrived in London with the promise of a job and due to unforeseen circumstances is turned away by the agency and a Duke ( named Edgar) who can’t keep a governess employed for his children. Mari is able...

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The Trouble With True Love

In the second novel in the Dear Lady Truelove series, THE TROUBLE WITH TRUE LOVE stars a bashful lady, Clara Deverill, who unexpectedly finds herself running the family’s newspaper business, because her sister, recently wed, left on an extended honeymoon. Also, Clara now has to tackle writing her sister’s advice column, Dear Lady Truelove. What...

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