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A DUKE LIKE NO OTHER by Valerie Bowman, is the next book in her “Playful Brides” series. An unusual story as the romance is a second time around for General Mark Grimaldi and his estranged wife, Nicole Huntington Grimaldi. Married ten years ago, when the story opens, Mark has spent that time focusing on his...

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Anything But a Duke

Anything but a Duke by Christy Carlyle

ANYTHING BUT A DUKE by Christy Carlyle is the second book in The Duke’s Den series. Raised as an orphan, Aiden Iverson has managed to rise up from poverty to extreme wealth. He left a sister in the orphanage when he ran away. His search for her and their birth parents is a mystery throughout...

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Never a Bride

Never a Bride by Megan Frampton

NEVER A BRIDE by Megan Frampton is book four in A Duke’s Daughters Series. Griffith Davies has spent the majority of his life serving in Her Majesty’s Navy. He loves his life on the open sea. When his cousin, the current Duke of Northam, falls fatality ill, Griffith gives up the sea to help him....

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The Refuge

The Refuge by Ann H. Gabhart

THE REFUGE by Ann H. Gabhart is the perfect title to describe the Shakers’ generosity in this novel. Darcie Goodwin sought refuge from cholera with her husband, Walter. When Walter is killed in a riverboat accident, Darcie is even more grateful for the shelter provided by the Shaker community. But what will they do when...

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