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The Bad Luck Bride

The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

Lady Claire Cavensham is cursed. Three broken engagements have propelled Lady Claire further towards a depressing outlook of being single, doomed to live out her life with her aunt and uncle, the Duke and Duchess of Langham. When Alexander, the Marquess of Pembrook, comes to her rescue after her fourth disastrous broken engagement to Lord...

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A Warriner to Protect Her

A Warriner to Protect Her by Virginia Heath

Virginia Heath is fast becoming one of my favorite historical romance authors. Her books are set in Regency England with the ton as well as down to earth characters that fight hard to right wrongs. There’s always action and adventure along with romance and love. Give her books a try if you haven’t already. In...

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I Dared the Duke

I Dared the Duke by Anna Bennett

This is the second book in the THE WAYWARD WALLFLOWER series. I enjoyed it as a standalone book, as I hadn’t read the first one. I DARED THE DUKE is the story of Miss Elizabeth Lacey (Beth) who’s personality is, she likes to be needed. After her sister is married, Beth is no longer needed...

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Wedded Bliss, The Wicked Worthington Series, Book 2

Wedded Bliss

Tricks and kisses ahoy! WEDDED BLISS is a magnificent romance novel starring a hunkalicious ship captain and a gutsy, curvaceous lady in the WICKED WORTHINGTON series. Bliss Worthington mistakenly marries the wrong brother on a dark, rainy night. Actually, her deceitful husband, Morgan Pryce, saves his half brother, Neville who is the Duke of Camberton,...

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A Lady's Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran

A LADY’S CODE of MISCONDUCT is the best Victorian romance I’ve read! The fifth book in RULES FOR THE RECKLESS SERIES, I have to give this book FIVE BIG HEARTS!!!! This is the first book I’ve read where I felt the amnesia trope was well executed. The plot is cleverly written. A sham marriage, political...

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Mogul by Joanna Shupe

In MOGUL by Joanna Shupe, Lillian Davies, daughter of railroad mogul, Warren Davies, is desperate. Which is why she finds herself in an opium den, frantically looking for her ex-husband, Calvin Cabot. Calvin was the biggest mistake in her life, but he is her only hope in finding her brother. She feels that she has long...

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