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The Rogue Is Back in Town

The Rogue Is Back in Town by Anna Bennett

Lord Samuel (Sam) Travis has been told by his brother, Nigel, the Marquess of Currington, that to make up for his reckless ways, Sam’s funds are being cut off and he is kicked out of his brother’s house. The only way to get back in Nigel’s good graces is for Sam to evict the tenants...

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From Governess to Countess (Matches Made in Scandal)

From Governess to Countess by Marguerite Kaye

FROM GOVERNESS TO COUNTESS is the first book in the MATCHES MADE IN SCANDAL SERIES, and I look forward to reading more. Set in England and St. Petersburg, Russia, it has two stories to be told and melds nicely. The stories take place in the early 1800’s. When we first meet Allison, an herbalist, she...

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Beyond Scandal and Desire

 Sexy, emotional, and very romantic, you cannot go wrong with BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE. This book touches on the subject of baby farming. Where the aristocracy would give bastard babies along with money to be raised by mostly widows outside of London. Not all were raised, many were killed. This is the story of one...

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A Hope Divided

A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole

A HOPE DIVIDED by Alyssa Cole radiates intelligence, human frailties and endurance in a tightly woven package of realistic historical adventure and love. Marlie Lynch didn’t learn about her family history from her mother, a freed slave and healer, until Marlie’s white half-sister Sarah shows up at their doorstep. Marlie’s mother, Vivienne, teaches her everything...

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