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A Warriner to Rescue Her

A Warriner to Rescue Her by Virginia Heath

A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER, book two in the WILD WARRINERS SERIES, is a nice continuation of the first book in the series, A WARRINER TO PROTECT HER. This is Jamie and Cassie’s story, and while there are sad undertones thanks to her dad who is a fire and brimstone type of reverend and who...

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Two Suitors for Anna

Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Jebber

TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA is a wonderful continuation of the KEEPSAKE POCKET QUILT SERIES. Many of the characters we’ve met in the first two books are back again, as are several of the businesses. The small town of Berlin, Ohio, is filled with both the Amish and Englischers, and for the most part they get...

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The Bride Who Got Lucky

The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor

THE BRIDE WHO GOT LUCKY is a splendid treat from start to finish. It is the second book in the CAVENSHAM HEIRESSES series. Woe is Lady Emma Cavensham. Her best friend Lena dies young and Emma takes it seriously to heart. She vows to bring Lena’s husband to justice, since Emma suspects he is to...

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The Marriage Bureau: The True Story of How Two Matchmakers Arranged Love in Wartime London. Before there was, E-harmony or Tinder, there was The Marriage Bureau, in 1938 London, which is recounted in Penelope Halson’s book of the same name. In 1992, Penelope and her husband were asked to take over the Bureau. They...

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My Fair Duchess, A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel, Book 5

How do you tell a lowly temporary steward you have fallen in love with him? In MY FAIR DUCHESS a gorgeous lady named Genevieve recently becomes Duchess of Blakesley, her family estate, through a turn of events. It’s undeniably revolutionary but it happened, all the same. Her governance of the estate is scrutinized by her...

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A Most Unlikely Duke by Sophie Barnes

A MOST UNLIKELY DUKE is a fantastic story to lead off Sophie Barnes’ newest series, Diamonds in the Rough! When tragedy forces Raphe Matthews and his sisters from the comfort of their family’s home at a young age, he learns to do whatever he must to keep his sisters safe in a cruel and unforgiving...

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