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Temptation's Darling

Lord Montgomery “Monty” Townsend is the youngest son of an earl. He acts as the Prince Regent’s scapegoat, willingly assuming the royal’s scandals as his own. Monty intends to never marry. While hiding out from trouble, he meets a beautiful yet unorthodox woman. Montgomery cannot understand Vanessa Blackburn’s insistence on marrying the Rathban heir. Against...

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Lottie Mae: Silver Dollar Saloon

Lottie Mae by Paty Jager

LOTTIE MAE is the second book in the SILVER DOLLAR SALOON series that takes place in the Dakota Territory, but I hope it won’t be the last. With more girls working at the saloon as well as the men who own it, there are definitely more stories to tell. This is Lottie Mae and Manfred’s...

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A Touch of Forever

A Touch of Forever by Jo Goodman

A TOUCH OF FOREVER is the best meet-cute I’ve read. It’s easy to root for this couple because they’re adorable, and their flirting made me smile. Roen Shepard’s family encouraged artistic talent, but his yearning is numbers. That talent earned him an engineer surveyor position with Northeast Rail. His calculations and negotiations pave the way...

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The Determined Lord Hadleigh

The Determined Lord Hadleigh by Virginia Heath

THE DETERMINED LORD HADLEIGH is the fourth book in THE KING’S ELITE series, and it didn’t disappoint. We are reunited with the spies we’ve met before, known as the Invisibles, along with their superior and Lord Hadleigh, who is the government lawyer.  Lord Hadleigh is now trying the smugglers and their boss, and things get...

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