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Texas Tall - Heroes of Heartbreak Creek #4

TEXAS TALL was a quick read that was fast paced and flowed nicely with a lot of characters – some of them multidimensional.  The prologue is set in 1875 three years before the book starts and sets the stage of what’s to come.  Lottie has a past that no one knows about when she moves to Greenbroke, Texas...

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  WHEN A MARQUIS CHOOSES A BRIDE, the second book in the series The Worthingtons, Dominic, Marquis of Merton, was raised by his Uncle who turned this young boy into a stodgy, pompous, young man who is skeptical of a host of things including but not limited to: innovation, the destitute population, and most dangerous...

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A SEASON OF RUIN by Anna Bradley

A Season of Ruin by Anna Bradley

From the moment I put down A WICKED WAY TO WIN AN EARL, the first book in Anna Bradley’s Sutherland Scandals, I’ve been very impatiently awaiting the next in the series. A SEASON OF RUIN did not disappoint! Anna Bradley has a gift for writing formulaic historical romance plots that feel fresh and even vital. If you enjoy...

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My Heart's Desire

my-hearts-desire by Andrea Kane

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Andrea Kane’s MY HEART’S DESIRE is as entertaining today as it was when she first released it. With typical Kane wit, charm, and romance, MY HEART’S DESIRE takes feisty Lady Alexandria Cassel, a woman who despises the entitled wealthy of London’s high society, and pits her against Captain Drake Barrett,...

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