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Paranormal / Futuristic

Candy Caned

Daniel’s life at the North Pole is extremely busy – and sometimes overwhelmingly so. He genuinely enjoys his work as a train painter but there’s always so much to do and Santa can be a bit of a slave driver at times.  When Santa orders him to organize the annual Workshop Holiday Party Daniel begins...

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Y’all Tied Up

Aniston’s impression of the Jolly Fat Man, aka Santa, has been blown. Rather than a rotund man delivering gifts he encounters a sinister being.  The next thing he knows, he’s been kidnapped and finds himself in an alternate reality where his kidnapper is a giant, gingerbread men are cannibals, nutcrackers and tin soldiers roam Krampus’s...

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Fern’s Christmas gift from her boss is a perfume. She’s just happy to have received a gift until she sees a message inside the box cover ‘To Alison from you Secret Santa.’  She’s been REGIFTED.  Just the thought of it is depressing but the perfume smells so good Fern can’t bring herself to be too...

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Mistletoe and Masks

For the past year Hyper Lock, AKA Luke McKellen and Ultra, AKA Nikki Moss have been a force to be reckoned with as a crime fighting duo. Like any policing unit, the superhero team has a special connection that allows them to often work together without second guessing each other.  The only trouble is that...

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